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Friday, August 1, 2008

Left Handed?

Elyssa has developed a habit of putting her hand and fingers to her mouth. I noticed that it's almost always her left hand. Hmmm.... wonder whether she's gonna be a leftie, like her mummy and "ah mah" !
Both my mum and I were born left handed, but were converted to write with our right hand when were young. I've always blamed the conversion for my ugly handwriting. (thank goodness for PCs nowadays. I type faster than I can write, and it's so much neater!)
If Elyssa is indeed a natural leftie, I intend to just let it be. It's a little inconvenient but I've read about the left brain/right brain concept, how both has its plus points, and in no way are right handers "better"!


2xMum said...

I also couldn't figured it out my Ryan is a leftie or rightie. Well, I also think I'm going to let it be if my boy's a leftie as I'm also a leftie... but I didn't convert. Thanks to my mum for not forcing me!! Hehe...

Leona said...

Left handed people are known to be more creative...

Health Freak Mommy said...

I'm also wondering if my Baby C is a leftie coz she also likes to suck her left fist and only turns over on her left!