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Tuesday, August 12, 2008


While writing yesterday's post, I did a bit of reminiscing. This time it was of our other princess in the form our cat - Penelope Chong. Adopted the little furball on July 22, 2006 on the day of our water tubing/abseiling/Fraser's Hill trip. I never liked animals last time, but this one was truly different. And speaking of "meant-to-be", what are the chances of meeting a tubing fella whose cat-loving girlfriend happened to tag along the trip (so she baby-sat while we were at the river) and just happen to have cat food in the car??

Anyway as time went by, Penny really became part of our little family. She was a very affectionate kitty and will follow us everywhere in the house. She was even hubby's poo poo companion! He got even more attached to her, and vice versa when I was pregnant cos I read that it wasn't safe for me to be around cats too much.

Penny left the house and never came back when I was about 7 months pregnant. *Sigh*, some people say that she was "making way" for the baby. I cried for days and hubby searched the neighborhood for weeks. Even up to now, he'll sometimes stop the car if he sees a Penny look-a-like, hoping that it's really her.

Well Penny, wherever you are, I do hope you're well taken care-of (or happy in cat heaven) and thanks for lighting up our lives for a year and a half.


Unknown said...

so touching. to make way for the baby. what i heard is that... animals like dogs and cats sometimes disappear because they know they are dying.. so they dun wanna let the owner see them die and feel sad.

Daddy said...

Aiyoh. So touching! I hope my poodle would not do a disappearing act. So nowadays, we actually gives her extra attention as well. In fact, she is sleeping next to me on my working desk.