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Sunday, December 20, 2015

Ipoh Family Holiday - Nov 2015

*Blow, Blow Cobwebs again*

Started new job on Dec 1 and it has been absolutely EX-HAUS-TING! The past 3 weeks felt like 3 months. New industry, new work scope, new management level, new culture, new team....... new Everything! So many things to take in. So much adjusting to do.  But I do like what I've experienced so far and fingers crossed this will work out. (my predecessor lasted 9 months and then the position was vacant for exactly 1 year, on the day I joined. So on my first few days, I was frequently introduced as "this is our new XX, the one we waited one year for". Aiks!.... talk about pressure!!!)

My days have been a blur of meetings after meetings and even lunches were mainly welcome/intro/ working sessions, but things have finally settled down somewhat. Or possibly because most folks have started their year end leave.  So finally, on my 3rd weekend, I feel like life is creeping back to normal.  Baked cookies yesterday and today, I finally have the mood to sit down and blog.

Will start off with our family holiday to Ipoh last month. Finally, a long awaited holiday with lets see.... Ah Kong, Ah Mah, 3 siblings and partners, 7 kiddos and 3 maids. Full quorum. Yay! My sis already blogged about this, so I'll just add on some additional photos I have.

Early Morning of Day 2 
Ah Kong was initially watching his Ipad quietly in a corner. Before long, SEVEN heads popped in  ;-) 

Then, Ah Mah wanted to go for morning walk. Can just go like that? NO.., the kiddos wanted to follow. But some had to go pee pee first, eat first, wash hand first bla bla. About 30 minutes after announcing her morning walk intention, Ah Mah finally managed to leave the house. 

I just had to snap a closer photo of Elyssa and Justin
Such a sweet photo! I'm guess a day will come when they will be too self-conscious to hold hands like that. 

Oh, from the first photo, can see only 5 kiddos in the photo.  The remaining 2 kiddos (whose mummy was earlier trying to stuff them with food, as usual. hehe) wanted to follow too.    So, Round 2 of morning walk was with the complete 7.

After breakfast, we all went to Sam Poh Tong.

Tortoise Feeding Session 

Finally, a family photo!  (minus hubs who had to go back to KL a day earlier)   Pinched from my sis's blog. 

Quite a picturesque place

Fish Feeding 

Looking forward to the next family holiday!