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Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Sale at Anakku

Anakku had a 50% sale on all apparel last weekend and I just went bonkers!! I know people say not to buy so many kids clothes since they outgrow them very fast, but I just couldn't resist the pretty little dresses. Aren't they just adorable?
I actually made 3 stops at Anakku. First stop (Fri night) - 2 pyjamas top. Second stop (also Fri night) - orange dress and red t-shirt/skirt set. Third stop(Sat morning) - pink t-shirt/skirt set and orange t-shirt/denim skirt set. I was itching to go again on Sunday, but hubby said enough la!!
Oh, and when I went to my mum-in-law's place on Sat, my sis-in-law had packed a box full of pretty clothes from my nieces Chloe and Charmayne. Elyssa's such a lucky girl!


2xMum said...

Hehe... I also couldn't resist from buying clothes for my baby. I think it'll be even worse if I have girl... got lots of pretty stuff to buy!!

Galleon88 said...

I agree. It is fun having a baby girl and clothing her like a Barbie doll!


Unknown said...

go ahead and buy all the cute little dresses for your girl. dun care what ppl say, why earn the money and not spend on them? afterall, they are only bb this once... i went ahead and dressed victoria up the last time. even know i can't help looking at pretty dresses.