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Thursday, October 29, 2009

Holiday - Port Dickson

This is a slightly belated post - 2 weekends ago, we went for a short holiday in Port Dickson together with Elyssa's ku-cheh (hubby's sis) , yee pak (hubby's bro), yee mou (hubby's SIL) and her 2 cousins - Chloe and Charmaine cheh cheh.

We stayed at the newly opened Thistle hotel. Very nice hotel indeed so we spent most of the weekend in the hotel itself. Elyssa had a blast playing with her cousins, especially Chloe. It was great to see them laughing, playing and running around :) Pity I did not get any decent photos of the happy girls. Will try again next time.

Anyway, here are some photos taken during the 2D,1N holiday:

Bedroom (I loved the window seat) -

Bathroom -

Kid's Playroom -

Elyssa surprised us when she said "Ba Ney' (cos we never taught her that) -

Day 2 - Breakfast time with her favourite Chloe cheh-cheh

Our little family unit -

Walked around hotel after breakfast -

More walking around-

I wonder what big issue she's thinking about here - probably "I wonder what's for lunch" ;)

Can't see from the pic above, but she was wearing her shoes at the beach. I tried letting her touch the sand with her bare feet, but she cried and said "eck eck" (meaning "dirty"). Then she pointed to her shoes and said "wear wear". !!! Not only that, but when I was happily digging my toes into the sand, this little miss bossy also kept telling me "eck eck" "wear wear" !!

Eh, just because you don't like the sand, mummy also cannot play??

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Little Banana Thief

I caught a little banana thief today!

I was in the bathroom this morning and I thought Elyssa was quietly playing by herself. I came out to see her happily eating a banana. (with the banana skin !!). She actually took it from a comb of bananas which was hanging from the door knob.

When I cried out "NOOO" what did she do? She quickly took a BIG bite before I grabbed the banana from her hands. Upon inspection of the "stolen item", I saw that she had eaten almost half of the banana and about one-fifth of the banana skin. Aargh!!

I think she knew that the skin should not be eaten (cos the skin was not half gone like the banana itself) but since she didn't how to peel it, she had no choice but to bite the skin as well.

Gosh, the way this greedy girl reacts to food....... !!!

Thursday, October 22, 2009


During our short trip to Port Dickson last weekend (will write about it in my next entry), I tried letting Elyssa self-feed herself at breakfast time. To my utmost surprise, she had no trouble feeding herself! Relatively mess-free too.

Great thing was that I could enjoy my breakfast without her saying "EAT" every few minutes. ;)

What she self-fed herself :
1. Porridge with cut-up boiled egg & baby corn.
2. Plain yoghurt with cut-up papaya & watermelon.

Since that day, my mum has let Elyssa self-feed her daily porridge. Still need to assist her a little (this greedy girl has a tendency to take TOO much in one spoonful !) and of course it's a bit more messy, but overall she does a pretty good job. Way to go Elyssa !!

Monday, October 19, 2009

Mother's Birthday

Happy Birthday, Mama/ Ah Mah !!

Hope you like your spa voucher :)

From all of us.

Birthday mama with birthday jelly cake -

Cake Cutting Session -

Friday, October 16, 2009

1 Year, 6 months old

A slightly belated monthly update.

Do I look cool or what?

1. Weight - 10.9kg
Height - to be updated
No. of teeth - still 7 with no sign of new teeth

2. Favourite word at the dining table? "EAT". When I try to feed her while eating my own meal, I hear this word almost every minute.

3. She reminds me of an old auntie sometimes. Once when I got into the car, she said "eck eck" (for dirty) and pointed to some bird droppings at the car window. Few minutes later, she said "eck eck" and pointed to the same place again. By the time we reached home, I think she had repeated the process about 6 times. ha hah!

4. She can be quite bossy! Like when she wants to dance, she'll make others dance too. And her dancing often involves her lifting the front portion of her t-shirt up and down. She'll gesture to others (usually "ah kong", "ah mah" or cousin Justin) to imitate this movement. If they don't follow her "instructions" then she'll go and lift up their t-shirts for them !!

5. On a daily basis, there will be a few roll-on-the-floor-and-cry moments when she doesn't get what she wants. We just ignore her until she stops..

6. I'm pretty sure there are other updates but I can't seem to think of what else to write for this "1 Year, 6 months old" post. The most important thing for me is that she can now say "mah mi". She often says it with a sweet little smile. And yup, my heart just melts each and every time !!! ;)

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Finally....she said the MAGIC word!!!

Yup, over the weekend she finally said "Mah Mi". Yay!!!!! She had on previous occasions called out "mama" before but only when she was desperate and never upon request. On Friday, she said "Mi" when I pointed to myself and ask "who is this?". Then on Sunday, she progressed to "Mah Mi". ;)

Hubby's over the moon as well, since she also started saying "Dah dee". :)

Other words that she uses -

1. Mah (= grandma)
2. Kong (= grandpa)
3. Ko ko (= cousin Justin)
4. Ku (=my bro)
5. Ka Kak (= bro's maid)
6. Do Wan (for don't want - she uses this word A LOT)
7. No (another favourite word)
8. Ball
9. Dop (for drop)
10. Pat
11. Dog
12. Nen Nen (=milk)
13. Pong Pong (for Pom Pom = bath)
14. EAT (also another favourite word)
15. Neh Mind (for nevermind)
16. Duck
17. Bubble
18. Pee
19. Pao Pao (when she wants to be carried)
20. Baa baa (for sheep)
21. Walk Walk
22. No More
23. Bye Bye
24. Nigh Nigh (Night Night = Goodnight)
25. Fis (Fish)
26. Yea (Yes)
28. Nigh (Nice)
29. Hot Hot
30. Door
31. Gate
32. Sue (Shoe)

I think there are a couple more but that's all I can think of for now. he he... afterall, the most important one to me is "Mah Mi". :)

Friday, October 9, 2009


" Look at my tummy!!! Big or Not ??"
Not that big waaat....... mummy, can I have more food pls?

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Milk Drinking

She can -
a) Hold milk bottle with left hand ; Play with belly button with right hand


b) Play with belly button with left hand, Hold milk bottle with right hand.

No problem with switching at all. As long as she has her bottle and her belly button, she's a happy kid :)

psss: I wonder how long this milk-belly button routine will go on. She'll blissfully lift up her dress and expose her panties to reach her belly button !!

Saturday, October 3, 2009


From birth until now, I have been the one accompanying Elyssa to sleep every night. (with the exception of a few nights when I was away) It started like that cos I was the one breast feeding her to sleep. Then it became our nightly routine. BIG MISTAKE!

Nowadays, she doesn't even let her daddy pat her to sleep. If she's in a bad mood, she'll cry and push his hand angrily away. If she's in a good mood, she'll say "bye bye" and "night night" to daddy. (ha hahh..... that's the "diplomatic" way of saying "get out daddy!")

This is worrying indeed as I'll be away in US for two weeks in November. So our current target is to reduce her reliance on me during bedtime. It has been about 2 weeks of trying, and we have failed miserably so far. The first night was ok cos we went out till late and she was pretty exhausted. The second night, she starting screaming once she finished her milk bottle. After more than half and hour of screaming on top of her voice, I couldn't stand it anymore. I went into the room and it wasn't a pretty sight - tears streaming down her face, hair all wet due to the exertion from screaming, goo coming out from her nose etc. *sigh*. Third night, hubby decided to take carry her while he took a walk outside. She fell asleep on his shoulders but starting the screaming routine the moment she was placed back on the bed. *double sigh*. Subsequent nights have been more or less the same. Last Thursday, I could hardly focus on my night telcon with my boss cos she was screaming on top of her voice.

Anyway, latest strategy is for BOTH hubby and I to put her to bed, so she gets used to the idea of hubby being around her during bedtime.

We still have a month and a half before my trip, so we hopefully she'll be ok by then. Worst case scenario - she will eventually exhaust herself with the screaming anyway, say after 1 hour? 2 hours? Poor girl :(

If only night time with daddy is as easy as morning nap time with daddy -