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Saturday, April 21, 2018


Just random sisterly photos during breakfast out one Sunday morning. 

While waiting for our food 

My hot latte is here.  But no food yet so took more photos. 

H-U-G.  Awww....they can be so sweet together. 

Yay. Food is here 

Aiya Mummy asks us to smile again...

I love simple laid back Sundays   :-) 

Tuesday, April 17, 2018

2nd Full Marathon

Yes, I did it again!!!  My second Full Marathon....42km of madness!

In a way, it's the same story as last year.  I had BIG plans to train but somehow never quite got round to doing it.  Not to say I didn't do anything, but just not quite enough.

About 2.5 months before the run, I decided to stop the gym membership near my house and signed up for at a new gym near my office. Main driving force was I just got sick and tired of being stuck in traffic for 1 hour plus every single morning. And somehow, the chances of there being a road accident (thus making the traffic 10x worse) just have to increase when I have early morning meetings.  Grrrr!  

So anyway, it was tough at first but I somehow got into the groove of the new routine.  I wake the girls up just before 6am, see them off with uncle transporter, get myself ready and then leave the house before 6.45am. With this, I get about 45 minutes of workout time before starting work. Almost every weekday.  Saturday is rest day. On Sundays, I go for a hike with hubby. Not too bad!   But....unfortunately not enough to properly train for a full marathon. I'm supposed to do long slow distance runs regularly. With my routine, I typically only get in about 6km non stop run on the treadmill.  Max was up to 8.5km the week before the actual run. 

Before I knew it, April 8th came closer and closer.  Kept telling myself - Ready or not, here I come!  
I was really, really nervous before the run. What if my muscle cramps up?   What if I throw up?  What if I just don't have the energy to go on?  Will I have to sit on the sweeper bus? 
Had butterflies in my stomach practically the whole day on April 7th. 

Morning of April 8th
1.55 am : Alarm rang  (aaargghhhhh......why oh why?????) 
2.30 am : Left the house
3+ am : Arrive Dataran Merdeka.  
4am :  Official flag off 
4.08am : Officially crossed the starting line.   Run, run, run, walk, walk, curse, curse, run, run all the way to KM 42. 
10.30am  : DONE!! 

Happy to complete my FM

Front of Medal 


Timing was 6 hours, 22 minutes.  I was pretty pleased !!! Last year was about 6 hrs, 50 minutes so I shaved off almost half an hour from my timing.

After effect was pretty bad especially when coming down the staircase.  I had to walk sideways and had to hang on to the staircase railing for dear life! lol.  Wore flats to work for 3 days.  On Thursday, could finally wear my heels and got back to the gym for light exercise.

Happy to have completed my second Full Marathon.  Yayyyyy!!!!