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Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Our Mini Weekend Getaway

"Mummy, I like the view here"

We went for a mini getaway last weekend. Just a mini one cos we were actually not that far away from home. ( even went home on Saturday to do a load of laundry!)

Stayed over for 2 nights at our new condo, which is almost ready to be rented out. How I love condo living! It's so windy, there's no mosquitoes, there's a nice view and best of all, there's a swimming pool downstairs. I went for a quick swim on Sunday morning and it just felt so good. I think if I stay full time in a condo, I'll go swimming every weekend morning.

It felt almost like a real holiday. Hubby and I always had a concept of "holiday calories don't count" so we ordered in pizza, had late night supper etc etc... Aaaahhhh nice!


Sue said...

Condo living is nice :D But when it comes grocery shopping time, pening!

Adrine said...

Yeah, got downside too. Realised it when I wanted to change Elyssa's diaper then realised that the diaper bag was still in the car!!

Unknown said...

i love the view too... and the security : ) but jialak lar.. if leave things in the car like u said... haha. victoria loves to run from the lift to the unit! she thinks it's like hotel rooms.