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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Baking Session with the Kids

Had an impromptu baking session with Justin and Elyssa a few weeks ago.
We made a small batch of cupcakes (using pre-mix) cos I wanted to try out the cute Hello Kitty and Winnie the Pooh silicone moulds I bought earlier that day.

I realised something during the baking session -- that it takes a lot of patience to let the kids have a "hands-on" experience cos they can be super slow!!! Had to tell myself a couple of times to just breath in-breath out and let them enjoy the process. Ha ha.

Elyssa mixing the batter with a whisk

Justin's turn

I let them whisk about 3 times each before taking over. That took quite a while cos for each time, one of them had to come down from the stool, let the other one climb up, care-fu-lly transfer the whisk to the other hand person's hand etc etc.

But it was kinda fun as well. When I took over the whisking, I told them I had to be entertained. So both balanced themselves on the small stool and sang 4-5 songs really loudly (while giggling away) while I whisked :)

Next process -

Carefully spooning batter into the mould

Elyssa's turn

Justin's parents came shortly after we popped the cupcakes into the oven. Poor boy was so disappointed when he had to leave. I promised to pass some of the cupcakes to him the next day.

Ta Daaa!! Elyssa with the Blueberry Cupcakes
She went around proudly announcing that she baked the cupcakes together with Justin koko and mummy :)

Gonna make another batch soon :)

Sunday, February 26, 2012

8 Months Old

Baby Erin is now 8 months old.

About her -

1. Weight - approx 8.6kg

2. Don't let the innocent smile fool you - she's a serial bully! It is quite common for the person carrying her to suddenly yelp in pain. Why? Cos she loves to pinch necks! And because her fingers are small, it's really painful.
She loves to pull my hair too. And claw at my hand. (when I nurse her, she rhythmically claws me with her fingers. I have "war marks" on my hands to prove it!).
Her other bully tactics include vigorously sucking a person's chin and nose. She also attacks knees and toes. Be afraid, be very afraid of this little one ;)

3. She eats her porridge without fuss these days. Phew.

4. She has one little tooth on her lower gum now!

5. She's like a little worm. Won't sit still.

6. Smiles and giggles a lot. Loves being entertained by Elyssa jie jie.

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Neighbourhood CNY Celebration

We were just about to go out for dinner when my father called to say the neighbourhood CNY celebration was on that evening.

Contemplated for a while whether to go or not, then decided to just drop by for a while. (to get some free food. he hee) At the very last moment, I decided to grab my camera. I'm glad I did! Turned out to be a bigger celebration than expected.

First thing that greeted us were kids going on pony rides. I asked Elyssa whether she wanted to try and was surprised when she said yes. (she has been a bit of a scaredy-cat lately). I enquired about the price and was free!!!

Elyssa on a white pony

And off they went!

We met my bro and family there too. When Justin saw Elyssa queuing up for the pony ride, he wanted to join as well.

Another photo of Elyssa on the pony. (taken at the end of the ride)

After the pony ride, we had our dinner while being entertained by live singing on stage. Then it was time for the lion dance.

Lion Dance on Stilts

One of the better ones I've seen. They made jumping around on stilts seem so easy!


After the acrobatic performance from the purple lion, these 2 "playful" orange lions came out. They pranced about on the ground then went around to distribute mandarin oranges. Elyssa got scared when the lion gave her an orange ;)

Orange Lions

Next was the dragon dance performance

I was really excited when they announced that the Mask Changing Performance was up next. It's something I've heard about but have never seen.

Elyssa with the "God of Prosperity"! :)

It started to rain a little so we left after that. It was another unplanned CNY event that we were lucky not to miss.

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Smiley Baby Erin

I love it when baby Erin smiles and I'm really glad that it's something she does a lot!!

Snapped these photos in the car yesterday :

She really knows how to make our day !!!! :)

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Chap Goh Meh 2012

We went to Book Xcess in Amcorp Mall after dinner recently and were really surprised at the large number of cars going into the parking lot.

Then I suddenly realised - it was Chap Goh Meh! I've read about the annual Chap Goh Meh celebration at the nearby Taman Jaya before.

We proceeded as planned to the bookshop then headed to Taman Jaya around 10pm. Wow, I was surprised at the scale of the celebration! Huge crowd and there was a even a stage with karoake singing, plenty of lok-lok vans and other food stalls, stalls selling knick knacks etc. There were plenty of oranges in the lake too and I saw some guys fishing them out :)

Atmosphere @ Taman Jaya
What attracted me the most were the "Kong Ming" lanterns. Easily more than 50 up in the sky! It's still banned in Malaysia so I was surprised to see it being openly released like that. It was a really pretty sight, especially against the full moon that night.
Some youths releasing a lantern
Up, Up and Away !

Lanterns against the Full Moon

Elyssa with her Daddy

Left hand behind his back to hide the HUGE stash of comics he bought at Boox Xcess. Hmpph....guys and their "toys"!

Erin was fretting a little so didn't stay long that night.

But really glad that we manage to catch the Chap Goh Meh celebration there that night!

Friday, February 10, 2012

Breastfeeding Journey - Week 33

This is my standard outcome after TWO pumping sessions in the office these days. And I'm already doing whatever I can based on tips from friends and the internet - fenugreek pills, drink more soup, drink more water etc etc.

Sometimes, I really feel like giving up. Sometimes, I get very discouraged (like when I heard a friend easily gets 7oz per session). Plus the time spent is really no joke - approx 30 minutes per session so that's almost two hours per day, on top of whatever else that's going on in my life. Plus the extra work of sterilizing the pump and packing the icepacks and pump parts every morning before work. I have asked myself so many times - "All that worth it for a few measly ounces??"

Then I tell myself that an extra oz that I can pump out is an extra oz of goodness for baby Erin.

Then I dutifully continue my routine. Wake up early to pump (then rush like mad to get ready for work), pump twice in the office and pump once more before bedtime. Hopefully, I can continue to be this disciplined a little longer. Each time I want to give up, I tell myself - "just go on for one more week".

So telling myself now ----- "One more week" !!! Try to reach Week 34!

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Posing for the Camera

These days, whenever I take out my camera and ask Elyssa to smile, I always get this standard "peace sign and fake smile" pose from her.

So, mummy decided to give Elyssa some "posing" lessons during CNY :)

Attempt #1
Got her to sit down nicely. Told her not put up her fingers.
But still got fake smile from her. Aiyo.

Attempt #2
New position. Told her not to put up peace sign and NOT to smile at the camera. a bit of model look hor??? ;)

Attempt #3
Another position. Told her to look AWAY from the camera.

And I got the following photos from her:

Photo #1
Photo #2
Photo #3

He he....... got model potential or not???


But after a while, she got bored with the position while I was still clicking away. So I had to distract her by asking "Where's Ah Mah" (who was in the kitchen on her right). Thought I could get another shot but she happily said "THERE"!