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Thursday, August 28, 2008

New Toy

"Daddy, why so big one??? I'd rather look at you"

Hubby got Elyssa a new toy recently - a giant Lamaze octopus. She was so fascinated when her daddy made tunes from the octopus's legs. So daddy went all soft-hearted and redeemed the toy with his bonus link points. Turned out to be just a short-lived excitement though. After a while, she wasn't that interested in the toy anymore and preferred to look at other things. *Sigh*.

But actually I think the toy is too big for her. The head of the octopus is almost the size of her own head. Also, she can't make sounds from the legs by herself. Will keep this toy away first, and hopefully she'll like it again next time. If not, that's quite a lot of $$/points down the drain!


My Indulgenze said...

hi there...ur girl so cute and attentive to daddy when talked to...

Mamapumpkin said...

She looks like such an incredible sweety!!!