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Monday, August 25, 2008

The Big Bully

" Wahhhhh........ I wanna be carrieeeeed"

Elyssa is such a big bully. And who are the victims? Mummy and Daddy :(

My parents always say that Elyssa is such a good baby when she's under their care. She hardly needs to be carried and she's usually happy and smiling.

She can be totally different at home. She wants to be carried and be entertained almost all the time. Sometimes the moment we put her down on her playpen, she'll start wailing as if she's been tortured. On certain "bad" days, hubby and I can get really stressed-out and exhausted taking care of this little one. Hmm... I wonder if Elyssa can sense that hubby and I are still new at this parenthood thing!


Leona said...

Babies know who they are with. I suppose Elyssa knows when she is with her parents, she wants the extra TLC and attention. My son only bullies me to carry him. You and hubby could try taking turns to take care of her when she is in those moods.So not so stressful on both of you.

Unknown said...

eh, have you heard of pantangs? one of the popular ones is, never compliment a baby... at least not too much. things like, "never wakes up at night", and "doesn't cry", "doesn't choose ppl"... dun play play man. jst follow it!

i kena kau kau for my first child. so second one i damn pantang. so far it works. : )

Effy said...

Hi there! Really, really like Elyssa's blog. She is so schweeeet! Wonderful to read how both Johnny and you are now well-immersed into parenthood. Please do not grow up too fast Elyssa - Aunty Effy needs to see you in all the baby cuteness when she's in KL!

Adrine said...

Leona & Irene - thanks for the tips. Will keep that in mind :)

Effy - helloo..... so when will you be back? Can't wait to see baby Khayra!!

Sue said...

I think most babies will bully their parents, coz mom and dad will be more soft hearted when we see them cry right?