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Saturday, August 23, 2008

Shopping Trolley

After work last Thursday, hubby and I went to Tesco to get some cleaning materials. Elyssa was quite happy being pushed in the stroller along the supermarket aisles by hubby. (I was pushing the shopping trolley) Besides the opportunity look around, she probably liked the moving motion of the stroller. Sometimes when we stopped to look at things, she fussed a little. So what her daddy did was to just push the stroller back and forth a little (to create the moving motion), and she was ok again. Halfway through our shopping, hubby and I switched and I pushed the stroller to look at other things.

I came back after a while and found hubby looking intently at something on the shelves. And what else was he doing? While his eyes were on the shelves, his right hand was on the shopping trolley - absent mindedly pushing the shopping trolley back and forth !!!
Ha hahhh....... I just couldn't stop laughing! Other people must have thought - "what a weird guy" !!!


Sue said...

Hehehe, too engrossed until forgotten... :D

Annie Q said...

Hi, thanks for dropping by my blog. :)

hahahhahha..this is a good one, so funny!

Daddy said...

Haha. Just like my wife patting the pillow while she is asleep, thinking that she is patting Ryan. Read about it in my blog. Got a posting there. Nice blog you have. Will definitely be following.