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Monday, February 28, 2022

Growing Up

Sometimes I think the girls are just growing up way to fast!  What happened to my chubby, dimply loud baby Elyssa?  And my sweet smiley baby Erin ? 

One thing is for sure.  I want to enjoy our moments together!  And enjoy each phase as they come. Had plenty of mummy-girls time last weekend.  

Walked randomly around Pavilion and then ended up having high tea at TWG.  The food items were not great (probably slightly below par), tea was good but the setting was nice !!  So that it made it all worth it!  He he.   It was nice to just sit, chill and have our afternoon tea.   


Just a random picture of Erin and Cooper.  Love they way Cooper is looking into Erin's eyes here!  And how his lil pink tongue is out.  And the way his paws are on her shoulder. 

Incredibly cheeky but how not to looooooove this lil fella !!!   He brings so much joy into our lives. 


Monday, January 17, 2022

Goodbye 2021, Hello 2022 !

It's been a long while since I updated here!  So why today?  I went for my covid booster jab yesterday and when I had to put the date - I confidently wrote down 16 Jan and then.... hesitated at the year.  Eh, 2021 or 2022?   5 second delay while I started blankly at the form. Oops!  My "Goodbye year xx, Hello year yy" posts have always helped me to kick start the year, so here I am writing today. 

As always, I start off with reflections first.  How was Year 2021?  Overall, I must say it was a good year for me. Career part has been good. Stressful at times, but I do love what I do.  Family part has been good.  We celebrated our 16th wedding anniversary last year - haven't killed each other yet!  Lol.  Kids doing fine. Online classes and being stuck at home for most part of the year wasn't great, but well they did go through with it. Health was good, though weight goal not achieved (yet again). Not that I have not been exercising. Somehow my weighing scale just didn't get the memo!  

They were multiple serious health issues among family members, friends and colleagues which shocked me to the core each time. Tumour, cancer, depression - these were some words which I started to google last year.  Good health is definitely something not to be taken for granted. 

Some holiday pics of the year - 

At the beautiful Tg Jara Resort in Trengganu 

@Tasik Puteri Bukit Besi, in Trengganu

@ Mangala Spa Resort, Kuantan 

Day trip to Sekinchan 

Staycation at Four Points, Chinatown

Melaka Trip

Majestic Hotel Lobby,  Melaka 

Janda Baik trip

Yup, we are definitely a family that loves holidays !  I guess we always think there will come a time when the girls will be too busy with their activities so just want to cherish these times and to create memories together.   Plus on normal days, we usually end up doing our own stuff. Family holidays means we are together almost 100%. (which can end up getting annoying too. heh)  

Aiks, digging for photos took longer than expected.  Plenty more reflections to write about 2021 but I suppose will have to suffice for now.  

Time to bid farewell to 2021 and look forward to the year ahead. 

May Year 2022 be a good year for all of us.  Bring it on !   

Friday, September 10, 2021


Managed to catch some sweet lil moments of my 2 monkeys :-) 

These days, they tend to  stop whatever they are doing together when they me taking pics, so I'm glad to have taken these!  

Thursday, July 1, 2021


Took me a while to realise that Erin hardly gets any exercise during MCO time.  She walks to and from my parents house but that's pretty much it.  No more evening walks and playground time. 

I don't have to worry about Elyssa cos she gets more than exercise from her online gymnastics class. 

Gotta keep reminding Erin to get some exercise into her routine! 

Photo from last weekend - 

Little girl following a simple workout from Youtube 
Big girl stretching for her gymnastics class
Little boy being a busy-body as usual  :-)


MCO again.  Stuck at home again. 

But am glad we have another member of the family to be stuck at home with ! 

Introducing.... our little Cooper Boy 

His first morning at our home 

So fat and furry now 

Our little furry darling 

Got him from a friend's friend's friend who had to let this fella go due to his strict condo management rules. Don't worry little boy... you will continue to be loved! 

Key dates (which I keep forgetting, so better put it down here):

       * Date we got him :  5th March 2021

        *His birthdate : 20 Sept 2020

He's super greedy, super adorable, super naughty and also a super sweetheart ! 

A little about his character -

1. Loves to take little objects in his mouth - Top favourite : socks, underwear, scrunchies.

2. Almost every time we're at the dining table - we look down on the floor, and there he is. 

3. He loves following us around but when we try to lift him up, he doesn't like it and tries to run away.  But too bad.....  he's far too cute and we carry him around anyway! 

4. Sleeps a LOT !  Can see his full routine when we WFH.  He naps at favourite spot A, walk around a bit, then naps at favourite spot B, then play a bit, then favourite spot C and so on.  What a good life. 

5. Favourite toys : Kitty and Teddy. 

6. Favourite past time (when no one is looking) : Rummaging through the rubbish bin. 

7. Level of usefulness in the house : NIL.    haha.   

Tuesday, February 16, 2021

Cookie Assistant

Got myself a Cookie Assistant for my CNY cookies recently.

Job Description : Place chocolate chip into center of cookie
Job Level : Easy 
Job Training : Non required 

Time to do performance review of my assistant. Managed to take some photos while she was working -

Busy at work

Eat chocolate chip 

Work again 

Eat again 

 Other points to take note of: 

1. When I asked her whether she washed her hands - she replied Oops!  Giggled and then went to wash her hands.

2. Disappeared after working on 2 trays of cookies.

3. Some cookies ended up with  no chocolate chip in center. 

Result of performance appraisal ??     Haiyoh....... fail la.  I need a new assistant next year  :-)