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Tuesday, August 5, 2008


My sis-in-law unpacked her stroller last week and Elyssa just loved it! She was sitting comfortably on her daddy's lap when the stroller was brought out so I half expected her to protest when I put her in the stroller. To our surprise, she just smiled and smiled and looked really happy in it. I guess it's because she can sit in an almost upright position.
Good thing is we can now take her out for walks around the neighbourhood and to places without air-con. Before this we used to push her around in her stroller+car seat. (can't use only the stroller as it's for babies who are 6 months up) The car seat is pretty well insulated so poor Elyssa gets uncomfortably hot in there. The first time we took her out for a walk, she kept fussing and then we finally realised that her head was wet with sweat! Sigh, realised then that my little one sweats a lot just like daddy...

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