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Monday, August 31, 2009

Mummy's shoes

We just came back from a short holiday in Kuantan a couple of hours ago. Will write a post on the holiday soon. Meanwhile, I just wanted to put up these pictures.

While hubby and I were busy packing our bags this morning, Elyssa was very "busy" as well. She spent a good 20 minutes + by the doorway concentrating on her "task". The task? To try on mummy's shoes..... over and over again...

She's really trying to be more independent these days.
Anyway, the good thing was that hubby and I could get on with our packing without her whining for attention. Ha hahh !!!

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Bed Time with Daddy

Last night, I had to stay in the office till late due to a video conferencing session scheduled from 6-10pm. I asked hubby to take over my nightly routine of letting Elyssa sleep. I was a little worried since the few times that hubby tried, she just cried and cried.

Anyway, the session finished earlier than expected and I reached home slightly before 10pm. When I got out from my car, it was quiet and I thought- "Good- Elyssa is not crying". As I climbed the staircase, I could hear hubby playing computer games. And I thought - "Oh Good, Elyssa must be fast asleep already".

But then when I opened the room door, I saw this -

Happily watching daddy play computer games:

***!!???? Hubby said that Elyssa wouldn't stop crying when he tried to make her sleep. The only way he could pacify her was to let her see the computer screen while he played games.

So I brought Elyssa to the master room to let her sleep. After > 15 minutes of tossing and turning (difficult for her to sleep since it was past her bed time) I gave up and asked hubby to take over since I was starving. Already 10+pm and I haven't had dinner yet. I quickly ate some bread and removed my contact lenses. No sound from Elyssa and when I checked I saw this -

Happily eating bread while watching cartoons on the tv :

I brought her upstairs again and luckily she fell asleep pretty quick.
Elyssa must be thinking that bed time with daddy sure is fun ...... can watch computer games, eat bread and watch cartoon!!!

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Milk & Belly Button

Whenever Elyssa drinks her milk, she'll automatically play with her belly button.
I think it's kinda cute :)

Close up -

She does this at night before she goes to sleep too. I'm happy with this as most of the time she can fall asleep playing with her own belly button instead of searching for mine like she used to. Ha hahh !!!

Saturday, August 15, 2009

1 Year, 4 months old

About her :

1. Weight - approx 10.5 kg

2. Elyssa's still not really talking yet. Most of the time, she babbles away in her own baby language. Some of words she can say :
"Ah MAAAah" (For my mum. She says this in a high pitch affectionate tone) , "book", "bubble" , "J" (she picked this up when my mum was teaching cousin justin "J for Justin". now she refers to all alphabets as "J".) Have also heard her saying "koko", "kakak", "gate" though not sure whether that was a fluke or not.

I'm still waiting for the magic word...... "Mummy" !!!

3. Although her spoken words are limited, she understands a lot of things we say. eg : "give item xx to person xx", "put your clothes in the laundry basket", " keep your toys".

4. She relies on a combination of grunts and hand actions to express herself.
eg: she'll pat a particular chair if she wants us to sit on it.
she'll pull our hand and go "ugh ugh" if she wants us to go to a particular place
she'll point to her "poo poo" bag (where my mum keeps the diapers, wipes and changing mat) when she has pooed.
she'll point to the tissue paper/rag if she wants us to wipe something.

5. One of her favourite action is to shake her head meaning "no".

6. Surprisingly, she's now ok to sit in her car seat. Last time, she used to struggle so much that I couldn't even strap her in. I finally gave up and just held her in my arms. One fine day, she suddenly patted the car seat to indicate that she wanted to sit. Really surprising! She still can't sit quietly for long though so I still need to entertain her with books, toys, songs and silly gestures.

7. We still can't figure out why she cries when it comes to bath time at my parents place. These days, I give her a shower before I send her over in the morning. She doesn't give me any trouble at all. I'll strip her in the living room then I just walk over to the bathroom, while saying "Come. Time to pom pom". She'll obediently walk to the bathroom and place her hands against the side of the bathroom wall - all ready for her shower. (we stopped using the bath tub > 2 months ago. my mum thought her to put her hands against the wall so that she won't fall. I still think it's a pretty amusing position. Reminds me of a prisoner being given a hose-down before being placed in a prison cell!)

Monday, August 10, 2009

Holiday - Genting Highlands

Over the weekend, we went for a short 2D, 1N holiday in Genting Highlands together with my sis and bro-in-law. One of the highlights of the holiday was the DURIAN BUFFET. I was initially not too keen on the idea of a durian buffet since I didn't want to stuff my face with such a fattening fruit. Relented in the end since it was a good promotion (RM25 per pax). And yup.... ended up stuffing my face with the king of fruits. I lost count of how many durians we had, but I think it was about 3 XOs, 1 D24, 1 unidentified and 2 "mau sang wong". Had mangosteens, langsat, fried banana, fried jackfruit and whole coconuts too. Yummy, yummy, yummy ! Of all days, hubby suddenly had gastric and had only 4 "ulas" of durian. Adoi.... 4 in a buffet????? What a waste !

The durian buffet was in a covered carpark with no baby chairs. Luckily there were cucumber, celery & carrot sticks on each table. Elyssa spent most of the time walking around our table while gnawing on her cucumber sticks. Phew! She hardly fussed throughout the 2+ hours we were there. She had a taste of the durians too.

Sis feeding Elyssa durian -

Besides the durian buffet, I wasn't expecting much from this short holiday. I've never really been a big fan of Genting cos it's always crowded. I've always disliked places with too many people. Furthermore, I have no interest in the amusement park or the casino.

But this round, we had a really good time. We enjoyed a side of Genting that we never knew existed. Thanks to my BIL's platinum card, we got to go to the members-only swimming pool and reading lounge area. And thanks to his generosity, we had good meals in nice quiet restaurants. Wah.... what a life.... nice!!!!

Elyssa enjoyed herself too. She normally sweats easily (a lot of baby fat!) so she liked the cool weather. She also loved the space to run around and the swimming pool. Even my mum commented that she was in an exceptionally happy mood the day after the holiday (Monday).

I didn't take many photos throughout the trip. Here's two taken at the lounge area.

Happily running around the fountain -

Admiring the architecture -

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Best Friend

"Hello..... do you want to be my friend?"

"I feel like I've known you forever..."

"Let's seal our friendship with a KISS"


Note : Photos taken when we were out shopping last weekend. Would have loved to see how long she'll kiss the mirror but had to drag her away since it's not too hygenic!

Love the last photo though. Just look at her position....... chin tilted slightly upward, eyes closed, hands pressing against "the other hands" and lips gently touching "the other lips". Such a tender kiss :)