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Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Sleep & Sarong

Fast asleep!

I really envy babies who are in dreamland most of the time. It has always been difficult to get Elyssa to sleep but my mum wasn't keen on relying on the "sarong" to rock her. She said my siblings and I could just easily nap in the crib last time. But after a whole afternoon of wailing from Elyssa (when I had to run errands on the Friday before I had to start work) and a bad headache for my mum, out came the trusty "sarong"!
At least she sleeps more nowadays and for a longer period of time. She'll still wail before she sleeps though. It's kinda funny - she'll wail and wail, and then fall fast asleep the next second. I've tried not overstimulating her and my mum has established a sleep routine for her, but still no change to this. The only way for her not to wail is to allow her to suckle to sleep.
Guess this is just her style..


2xMum said...

We also opted to let my baby sleep in the sarong like Elyssa's when my boy hardly sleeps in the afternoon.

Hehe... my boy wails too when he's put into the sarong to sleep and then fell asleep in few mins. Now, he'll wail first as he knew we're going to put him in there. Well, it's his habit already as he'll make some noises then slowly falls asleep. My MIL says that he makes that sound meaning he's sleepy already and sure fall asleep pretty fast. :D

Unknown said...

try using the sling? it's just as good, and very mobile... also dun wan bb to be too dependent on the "sarong yiu yiu".