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Monday, August 4, 2008

She can Turn!

The first time I saw Elyssa turn-over was when she was about 2.5 months. I left her in the middle of the bed to get a diaper, and when I returned she had turned over. That got me all excited but that turned out to be a one-off incident. My mum saw it again about a week later, but again that turned out to be another one-off.
Last Thursday morning, she turned once when I changed her diaper. I put her back to position and then was pleasantly surprised when she turned again. After that, nothing could stop her! She must have been pleased with her new ability, and the little Miss Show-Off turned over almost 2o times that day :) When I didn't want her to turn right after her milk session (by putting a pillow next to her) she actually cried.
She can only turn one side though and then she'll call out "ugh ugh ugh" to be rescued. More work since we have to keep "rescuing" her. Hopefully she'll learn how to turn back soon.


2xMum said...

Wow... that's pretty fast. Anyway, don't let her turn over on his tummy too long as her neck isn't strong and supported yet.

Unknown said...

very fast man! u better be careful. haha... no wonder she needs a king sized bed... change her right in the middle. watch out for any soft things next to her when she turns.