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Monday, August 18, 2008

Shopping Trip


We were shopping at Carrefour last weekend and halfway, noticed that Elyssa was fast asleep in her stroller. Pretty unexpected since that was the first time we used the stroller for a shopping trip (instead of the carseat + Chico stroller) and she normally kicks a fuss before sleeping. Yippee yay..... can shop in peace!

After a while, I got a worried that she'll be cold since she was wearing a skirt. I didn't want to risk waking her up by putting on her long pants. So, I decided to "borrow" a towel from the shelf to cover her legs. Heh hehhh.... she looked a bit like an old lady in a wheelchair, and I couldn't resist taking a photo. When hubby saw the stroller, he asked how come I didn't choose a pink towel. Hmmph.... already "borrow" towel, want to choose colour somemore.....


Fussy mum said...

a little sleeping beauty here...

Sue said...

It's good to let them get used to sitting in the car seat and stroller. It was a breeze with my 1st boy, then the 2nd boy refused to sit in the car seat AND stroller... headache man!

Kuan Cheen said...

she's a cutie!!
yo johnny + wifey, i lost all your contacts, i'm stll using my same yahoo address, i have left onyx, but still havin my onyx email account but closing that soon.