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Monday, August 18, 2008

Father's Birthday

"Happy Birthday Ah Kong! . Next year I'll help you blow the candles, okay? "

Celebrated my father's birthday at Imperial China last Saturday night. Food was actually quite good. We ordered the set for 10 although there were only 8 adults. Thought can just "ta pao" any extras but we ended up polishing everything. Yup, greedy, greedy people! Everyone was just so full after that.

I brought my camera along, but minus the memory card. Aargh!!! Silly me... forgot that I took out the card to download some photos that afternoon. Photo above taken with my bro's PDA. Not a very good photo as the birthday cake is not even visible, but thought it's better than nothing. Photo shows the happy "Ah Kong" cutting the birthday cake with his two grandkids - Justin & Elyssa.

His actual birthday is tommorow, so Papa, if you're reading this (and if I forget tommorow), here's wishing you a Happy, Happy Birthday! I'll try to go home early tommorow so you and Mama can have a nice birthday dinner together :)

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