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Saturday, December 31, 2016

Bangkok Holiday - Day 5

Day 5 wasn't a holiday but a full working day for me. *sobs*
Not unplanned though.  My original intention was to go for a short family holiday during the school holidays since we already went to Australia in Sept. But hubby suggested to use our Marriott vacation club points for a week long holiday in Bangkok. Its a 7 night block, so will cost us the same whether its 4 nights or 7 nights.

So I booked my annual leave for a full week. But closer to the holiday, I realised there will just be too much work piling up for an upcoming deadline. So instead of having to work throughout my holiday anyway, decided to just cancel 2 days leave to work 2 full days from our Bangkok office.

Took BTS to the office that day
Just look at the traffic!

With my Thai counterpart 
I was actually quite tired that day. Elyssa vomited 7 times the night before. The empty-out-entire-stomach-content type of vomit. Sigh. 

My view for the day
Which was reaalllly tough especially when hubby whatsapp me the photos below

Girls enjoying their Japanese lunch 
Luckily Elyssa's tummy was fine and dandy that day

Afternoon break
Darn it! I soooo wanna be with them! 

Finished work around 6.30pm. Looked out the window and was surprised it was almost pitch dark! Forgot about the time difference. Quickly dashed back.

Reached apartment and found this waiting for me
Wah.... if only it's like that everyday. Hehe

During dinner, I made the mistake of asking hubby one question - do you still wanna shop tonight?  He said YES immediately!  He suggested MBK to get his suit (uhmm.... but why so excited?) and to get his SPAWN toy. (aHAH that was it! He already bought one of the action figure the previous day but was eyeing a second one. Boys and their toys!).  So dumped all the dishes into the sink and headed out pronto.
In the train 

He reached the toy shop just as they were about to close! Someone was grinning from ear to ear. Haha.
Shopped till the mall closed but spotted some eating stalls near the train station.

Still so lively 
Ended up eating supper before leaving 

Back at the apartment, the girls did their drawing while we did the dishes and laundry.

Then time to Zzzzz.

-- End of Day 5 --

Bangkok Holiday - Day 4

Day 4

Main itinerary for the day was Hello Kitty Cafe @ Siam Square.  Took the train and reached pretty close to opening time.

Warning...... cloyingly sweet photos ahead!

With Grandpa and Grandma Kitty 

Pink, Pink Everywhere Pink! 

3 Floors of Pink! 

Our order
Rainbow cakes and milk tea. At absurd prices of course. (THB 695 for all). But oh so preeeetyyyy! 

Dig in!

We-fie with Elyssa 

More sweet pinkie photos -- 

With Hello Kitty Tuk-Tuk 

Check out the Stained Glass Ceiling 

With Erin 

Cafe Entrance 

Merchandise Floor 

Went shopping at MBK after that.
Finally got my selfie stick! Yay! Took a while to find a slim bluetooth selfie stick.

First family selfie using the selfie stick  :-) 

Went to MBK foodcourt for late lunch

Shopped a bit at MBK.  Hubby got himself a custom made suit and pants.

Then, it was back to our regular evening activity....

They never get tired of going to the pool
And as usual, the only way to convince Erin to get out of the pool was the promise of bathtub fun in the apartment. 

Complimentary cucumber water spray
First time I see this. Something so simple yet so refreshing. 

Tapao-ed dinner from nearby foodcourt and ate back at the apartment 

-- End of Day 4 -- 

Bangkok Holiday- Day 2 & 3

Combining 2 days into one - cos Day 2 (Chatucak Market) and Day 3 (Platinum Mall) were all about shopping, shopping and more shopping!

Day 2
Had buns in the apartment then took a cab straight to Chatucak Market.  No shopping photos but took some photos of food.

Mango Dessert
The sauce it's like rojak sauce but wayyy sweeter. A bit cloying at the end. 

Stopped for a morning snack-

Grilled pork neck, fish cake, fried chicken and some pork salad 

Hot, hot day so we cold drinks are a must! 

Didn't stay too long since it was so pretty hot and girls got restless. Decided to take the train instead of cab back to the apartment.

Saw this chicken essence vending machine at the station. Haha... hubby said must take photo since it's the first time we've seen chicken essence being sold like this.

Train station walkway back to the apartment
Soon became a very familiar walkway indeed! Since we took the train almost every day for our week-long holiday. 

More photos @ Chong Nonsi BTS Station
Nice spot for taking photos actually. Almost everyday, we saw locals taking graduation photos, dance routine photos, wedding photos etc..

Highlight of their day - Swimming 
Their reward for following us shopping the whole day :-) 

Had dinner at a restaurant near the apartment.

Half eaten dinner  :-p

-- End of Day 2 --

Day 3 
Itinerary for the day - Shopping at Platinum Mall

Ended up spending almost 7 hours there!! hehe. Enjoyed it more than Chatucak since the place is air conditioned.

Took a tuk-tuk back to the apartment
The girls loved it

Shoe Haul for the day
5 pairs just for me. I was super thrilled since it's not easy to get shoes my size  :-) 

Ended the day with another swim

-End of Day 3-

Bangkok Holiday - Day 1

Time to catch up on another holiday post - Bangkok holiday from Dec 3rd to 9th.

Day 0 and Day 1
This holiday post starts from Day 0.  Why?  Because drama began on Day 0. I was driving home from work around 7+pm (and mentally thinking about the packing that I still needed to rush through that night) when I got a call from hubby. Turned out his passport expired!!!  What the **??!!

And our flight was at 7.30am the next day! I was flipping mad. While he tried to go to the immigration to get his passport renewed (around 10pm confirmed couldn't as he missed the last number), I had to finish packing, glanced at the ticket and realised he did not book any baggage on our Air Asia flight, aarghh.... so had to book baggage, tried to do web check in but couldn't since ours was booked as family, had to change my original packing plan as I didn't want to be end up with 2 huge bags to handle by myself etc etc. Was also complaining away.... who books a 7.30am flight for a holiday?? Taxi scheduled to come the next morning at 4.45am! When my alarm rang at 4am, I had a splitting headache and sore throat. Seriously considered just forfeiting all the air tickets and fly together later. Best case is hubby can get his passport that morning itself (sat) but what if the system is offline or something?  Then we all have to wait until Mon morning for our trip.  A or B? B or A?  Safety concerns too. Can I handle both girls by myself ? Plus I wasn't feeling too well. And there were stories circulating about kids being kidnapped to Thailand and here I was heading TO Thailand.
In the end, decided to just go ahead. Just the girls and I.

McD breakfast after checking in 

In their airplane seats

Erin vomited twice that day. During breakfast and during the flight.  Aaargh! But otherwise, it was quite smooth. Had to be super careful at Bangkok airport - handling both girls, passports, tickets and our luggage (1 big bag, 1 small bag). I was not familiar with the airport at all but luckily it wasn't too busy that day. Had to keep telling both girls - "keep close to me, keep close to me".   Managed to get a local simcard, found a taxi and off we went to our apartment for the week.

Made it to the apartment. Yay! 
Girls jumped about and watched tv while I just collapsed on the bed and ZZZzzzzzzzz

Woke up super hungry so off we went to search for our late lunch. Asked at the hotel reception and managed to locate a foodcourt nearby.  Oh, and hubby messaged earlier that he managed to get his passport renewed (he camped at the immigration office at 5+am, shortly after our taxi came. Second in line and got it done before 9am. Yay!) and he'd arrive that afternoon itself around 5pm. Yay!

Lunch at Tops Supermarket
Wanted to walk around after lunch but Erin said her tummy wasn't feeling good so we quickly headed back to our apartment again

We-fie back in the apartment
Decided to just stay in and wait for hubby to arrive. Kissed my original plan of shopping at Chatucak goodbye. 

Hubby finally arrived around 5+pm. Gave him the dagger look (but of course!) Was happy tho - now our family holiday can really begin!  New plan was to just go to Asiatique.

Boat ride to Asiatique
Yay...finally it's all four of us 

Part of Dinner
Pork knuckle with rice.  So good! 

Walked around after dinner

With the nut mascot 

3D art at one of the streets.
Like Erin's expression here! 


Eating some coconut dessert 

With my 2 girls 

Daddy and the 2 girls

Me again
Hmm...need a selfie stick to be able to take a proper family photo 

Lovely place to walk around 

Back at the apartment. I couldn't resist taking the photo below. Erin found an apple on the table and quickly looked for a pen..

"I have an apple, I have a pen. Errrghhhhh! Apple-Pen! "
The most annoying tune ever. haha 

Hubby wanted supper from one of the stalls just next to the apartment.  Went down and tapao'ed this.

Pork rib Tom Yum Soup

-- End of Day 1--
Eventful day indeed. Not a good start but luckily it ended up well  :-)