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Friday, February 27, 2009

"Feel Good" Photos

Nothing in particular that I want to write about today. I just want to post some of these "feel good" photos that I took recently.

I just love these photos. (tho they are a little sloppy since her t-shirt is unbuttoned at the top and she's not wearing any pants). It somehow gives me this warm fuzzy feeling deep inside. My favourite is the last photo cos she looks so cheeky!!

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Walking Aids

Elyssa just loves walking around. Since she can't walk on her own yet, she has to rely on her "walking aids".

Her favourite is her own walker -

If that's not available, Justin koko's toy car will do as well-
But since both the walker and the toy car are at my parents place, what can she use at our own place?
Ta Daaa........

Her own spring cot.....!!!! I guess anything with wheels can qualify :)

Friday, February 20, 2009

Caught in the Act!

"Yay......... this is soooo fun!"
"Oh no, mummy doesn't look too happy. What should I do?"

"Let me try the innocent look"

"Nope, mummy's still not pleased. Time for my fool-proof weapon"

"Big smile for mummy....."

"Yup, that worked !!! Mummy's smiling now. Phew."

Thursday, February 12, 2009

10 months old

My princess is 10 months old today!

About Her:

1. Weight - 9.7 kg
2. New food introduced - Heinz bottled baby food during our trip to Melaka. She finished the entire bottle even though I didn't heat it up. Other than that, I've lost track of new food introduced. She eats everything we give her which is usually food that is soft and non-spicy/oily.

3. Still a greedy baby. She often cries at the end of each meal because she wants more. But I'm concerned about increasing her porridge (one full rice bowl) as she's getting quite plump. If she likes to sleep as much as she likes to eat, our lives would be much easier!
4. When she sees someone unfamiliar, she'll usually stare at the person for a few minutes first, as if "assessing" whether the person is a friend or not! She's a sociable baby once she warms up.

5. When we put her to bed at night, she'll try hard to stay awake even when she's already very sleepy. We go through the same routine every night - we pat her to sleep and just as she's about to knock off, she'll suddenly SIT up, then plop herself down again like a drunken person while rubbing her eyes. On average, she does this approx 5 times before she finally sleeps.
6. Nowadays, she sleeps much better at night. She wakes up around 6am, I give her some diluted milk, she plays for a while then sleeps again until 8+ am. I think I still pat her one or two times during the night. Not really sure since I do it when I'm still half asleep and she falls back asleep very quickly.

7. I don't think she'll get bullied in school next time! A few times when her cousin Justin tried to take something away from her, she protested loudly and hung on tightly/ grabbed back the item. Definitely not a pushover.


We went for a short weekend getaway at Melaka last weekend. Mainly cos hubby felt the urge to go for a holiday since he was quarantined at home during CNY.

One of the things that I was looking forward to was Elyssa's first swim in the hotel swimming pool. I couldn't find my swimming suit when I packed, so I bought one in Mahkota Parade. Got Elyssa a cute 2 piece swim suit as well, since it was on discount. In the evening, we got ourselves and Elyssa all geared up for her first swim. Went to the pool, signed up for towels then we stepped into the water. My goodness..... the water was soooooo cold !!! *Sigh*, so we had to go up to the room again. And since were were all dressed up, what to do..... sat in the bath tub loh...... ha hahh... Elyssa actually had a good time splashing water in her "mini" swimming pool :)
Went to the Portugese Settlement for dinner then Jonker Street after that. Jonker Street was really packed. Luckily it was a cool and windy night. The next morning, we lazed around then went for another round of shopping at Pahlawan Square before heading back to KL around 5pm.
One thing I noticed during the trip was that DSLRs seem to be the "in" thing. Saw at least 7 groups/pairs shooting here and there, during our short trip. Alas... I couldn't join in as hubby left mine at home. (aarghhhh!!!) I don't like having a post without a photo, so here's one taken with his handphone. I like the old-style high chair here-

Tuesday, February 10, 2009


When we first brought out the walker about a month ago, it was too "advanced" for Elyssa. Her little legs couldn't catch up to the speed of the walker when it's being pushed. (the wheels go quite fast)

We gave it another try last week.. This time, she could keep up! It was so funny to see the first few attempts. Her eyebrows were all furrowed up with concentration. This was accompanied by the "ahhh ahhh ahhhh" sound effect as she made it back and forth the room. That night, we had to keep "rescuing" her i.e. when she reached the end of the room, we had to turn the walker for her.

The next morning, I let her play with the walker again. I was really surprised that this time she could manoeuvre herself better. Just before she reached the end of the room, she stopped, move the walker backwards a little, turned the walker to one side, then off she went again. She went round and round the living room 5 times! Funny thing is that she can avoid furniture/wall quite well, but when it's a person blocking her, she expects the person to give way.

Hubby managed to capture a video of her using his handphone. (need to turn off sound since the background noise is quite bad)