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Friday, November 29, 2013

Weekend Camp at Radiant Retreats - Part 2

--continued from Part 1--

One of the main highlights of the weekend retreat was spend the night in an actual tent. Girls were mighty excited!

After brushing our teeth at the bungalow, we headed for the tent that hubby set up that morning.

Playing with torchlight and shadows in the tent
They loved it!

After playing and singing for a while, then came the tricky part - getting the girls to actually SLEEP. I was actually kinda worried before the trip.  What if Erin can't sleep? What if she fusses/cries/screams at night and wakes up everyone else in the campsite? Luckily, nothing dramatic of that sort happened. Though it was far from a good nights sleep. (my own bed at home felt sooooo good the next night!). After all, it was still a tent!  Enough said  ;-)

Next morning, girls woke up bright and early-

Enjoying view from the tent
They were pretty keen to get out to explore but we asked them to sit and enjoy the view for a while first. Trying to get few more minutes of sleep. hehe.

Walking around Campsite

Walking to the bungalow to wash up

After washing up, we headed down for breakfast - 
Nasi Lemak spread for breakfast

After breakfast, we were informed there was going be round 2 of the "Create with Nature" art activity as the ones made the day before were too wet. Ah well..... it was a pity we didn't take a photo of the art we created (hand print for Erin and smiley face for Elyssa).  But kids were more than happy to do it again.

Morning Nature Walk
Kids collected pretty flowers and ferns for their art activity. The camp director also explained about the various plants.

Elyssa hard at work with her art

And of course Erin didn't want to be left out  ;-)

Their art

--- to be continued --
(time to sleep now!)

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Weekend camp at Radiant Retreats - Day 1

2 weekends ago, we went for a 2D/1N nature camp trip at Radiant Retreats, Janda Baik.
Yup, a REAL camping trip where we sleep in an actual TENT. Hehe... first time experience for us! I read some very good reviews on the net and I thought it would be a good experience for the girls.

Will let the following pics do the talking:

Introduction Session
There were 11 families in total.

Setting up our tent
I was pretty impressed with hubby's skills!

Almost ready

Yay......daddy did it!

After setting up the tent, we had a quick lunch and then it was time for some river fun.

Happy girls
It took Elyssa a while to get used to the surroundings but Erin was very happy right from the beginning.

Erin trying to catch some fish

Lovely site


After the water fun, we missed the next activity (music & sound movement) cos we had to make an unexpected trip out. Why??  Cos we forgot to bring the girls bag!!!!  Aiyoyoyoyo!!!  Couldn't believe we made such a silly mistake.  I spent hours carefully packing clothes for them and then we left the entire bag at home. Silly, silly, silly  :( 

I normally make a quick check before leaving the house, but this time I didn't.  Cos while we were loading the bags into the car that morning, both girls were so excited about the trip that they happily sat IN the car while waiting. So were quickly loaded out stuff and went off without that bag. *sigh*.
Note to self : always, always do a final check!

The unexpected trip to Bentong town costs us over 2 hours cos we stopped at quite a few places looking for clothes.  In hindsight, it would have been easier if we had headed home instead! Anyway, we managed to get 2 sets of clothes for each of them in the end. On the plus side, both girls napped in the car.

When we got back to the camp, we caught the tail end of the next session which was the "Create with Nature" activity. We quickly dived into the activity so I forgot to take photo  ;-)  Basically, we made an "art base" from flour, salt and water, and then decorated with little pebbles/ferns/flowers taken from the river activity earlier.  Took this photo from the camp's FB page:

Outcome from "Create with Nature" activity
These were from round #2 done the following morning

After that, it was time to take our showers before dinner time.   Keke...this wasn't done proper camping style though. There's actually a nice bungalow next to our campsite.  So we had nice hot showers and the kids watched cartoons for a while  :-)   Hey, can't shock us city slickers too much!!!  Haha.

Roasting marshmallows after dinner
It rained rather heavily so all activities were moved indoors

Gooey marshmallows with chocolate and cream crackers  :-)

Yes, there was even a projector tv that night  :-)
Look at Erin! Had to keep prying her away from the big screen!

After everyone was done with dinner, it was time for games
                                    I think this was the Duck, Duck, Duck, Goose Game  :-)
Erin didn't understand the game at all but that didn't stop her from having fun. The selected "goose" had to chase the "duck" round the circle. Every time Elyssa became the "duck", Erin also ran around.  It was absolutely hilarious!

Blur photo, but I just love the way Elyssa took care of Erin during the games :)

After games, we washed up at the bungalow then it was time to sleep in the tents. Will continue in next post...

Saturday, November 9, 2013

Wheatgrass Planting Project

I started my Wheatgrass Planting Project last weekend -

Step 1 - Buy Wheat Berries
Got mine from BMS Organics for RM 11.90

Step 2 - Soak Wheat Berries overnight
Err.... forgot to take photo.

Step 3 - Sprout Wheat Berries
After soaking overnight, I rinsed the wheat berries and wrapped them in a moist towel.  Rinsed again that evening and twice more the following day. Nothing happened after the first 3 rinses, but when I opened the towel after the 4th rinse, I was thrilled when I saw the berries have sprouted. Yay!

Step 4 - Sowing
I got a bag of black soil from Ace Hardware for RM 2.50. Then sowed and watered my sprouts. Covered with newspaper for the next 2 days.

1 day after sowing - Green shoots.  Yay!!!!!

2 days later (no need to cover with newspaper already)

Need to water twice daily.  Elyssa was more than happy to help.
--actually, when I picked her up from my parent's place one day, she told me that she was looking forward to go home to check on the wheatgrass progress. Haha.

Today's pic -  4 or izzit 5 days after sowing. Lost track a bit. hehe.
So nice and green!

Erin with the water spray. (the watering process is a source of entertainment for them!)

Little Miss Poser  :-)

Probably need another 4 days before I can harvest them for my wheatgrass juice. But super happy with the project already. Every morning, we happily go downstairs to check on the progress. (with Elyssa exclaming : "Mummy, it has grown TALLER"). First thing when we come home is to again check on the progress (yes, with Elyssa saying : "Mummy, has grown even TALLER")

I don't think I've ever planted anything by myself before, so I am thrilled!!  Good nature lesson for the girls too. Gonna plant choy sam next :-)