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Monday, March 30, 2015

Adelaide Holiday - Day 5 (Part 1)

Good morning Day 5!
We start every morning almost the same way....

Fried Bacon and Eggs.  Smells soooo good !

First destination for Day 4 is Hahndorf Farm Barn

It was off-peak season, so it was just us and another family at the farm that day.

Erin listening to milking instructions 
When it comes to animals, Erin is a lot braver than her jie jie (who needs more time to warm up).  She quickly raised up her hands when asked "who wants to milk the cow?"

Press.... Press

Elyssa wanted to try too, after seeing Erin 

Daisy the cow that was milked, oblivious to all the pressing and pulling ;-) 

Next..... rabbit enclosure 

Erin couldn't wait to cuddle them

What a Cutie!
(referring to the rabbit, not the hubs. hehe)

Daddy.... my turn! 

Elyssa feeding the lambs 

"Come, come little lamb" 

Then we went outside the barn area.  Saw this huge pig.

I'm all clean now! Just had a refreshing mud bath 
We had to quickly move away from the pig pen when the pig vigorously shook it's body, spraying mud everywhere.  :-)   

Then we went to the deer / ducks/ goats enclosure -

Hungry Deer!  Or greedy deer? 

Erin wasn't scared ! 

"Come deer.... I'll give you a carrot treat"

I gave this deer a piece of carrot too. After gobbling it down, the deer tried to chew my t-shirt!

Next.... kangaroos.

"Daddy, daddy, give me more food to feed the kangaroos!"
The funny thing was we went to the kangaroo enclosure via the deer/ducks/goats enclosure. (the small gate next to Erin). When we tried to get back to the first enclosure, the goat escaped to the kangaroo enclosure and the kangaroo was trying to get to the first enclosure! We looked around but there was no farmhand in sight. Err how?? Don't think we were supposed to mix the animals up!
 So we spent some time "hearding" the animals to their rightful place. I couldn't help laughing looking at hubby trying to push the goat back to it's rightful place. 

Erin on a tractor 

Hubby feeding a goat 

With a friendly horse 

"Here's some food, horsie" 

Erin trying to feed another horse

Part of the farm 

There were camels too! 

When Erin saw this, she straightaway exclaimed "Mummy, it's a girl!"  I was surprised and asked her why. Her response : "Because she's wearing an EARRING!".  Wuahahaha. 

Look at the horns! 

Jersey Cow and more Sheep 

Erin went on with daddy to see the donkeys after that (had to go via the deer enclosure). Elyssa wasn't so keen so I stayed outside with her.  Hubby said Erin wasn't scared at all. Uhm...somehow that same brown goat followed them to the donkey place. Maybe it had to option to roam everywhere?.  Either that or hubby just gave up trying to push the goat around. haha. 

With the goat nicknamed "The Friendly Brown Goat".  -pic taken earlier
Before Erin left, she even hugged the goat, kissed it (aiks!) and said, "Goodbye!!!  I love you friendly brown goat!" 

We left the farm after that. Will continue about Day 5 in another post.

--End of Day 5 (part 1) --

Friday, March 27, 2015

Group Whatsapp - Elyssa's Std 1 class

Part of today’s Group Whatsapp message created by Elyssa's class teacher -

Teacher :  (after listing out daily homework) Bring new artbook on Monday
Me (panic) : Is the bookshop open tomorrow? If not open, can I buy artbook from outside?
Teacher : I prefer all children use the same book.  You can ask her to buy on Monday.

    (Oops! Today is Friday and I don’t know if Elyssa knows how to buy things from the bookshop. The teacher mentioned about artbook earlier that week, but I forgot all about it.
      Few minutes later, Elyssa’s classmate’s mum (they were from same kindy) whatsapp me that her son can bring Elyssa to buy on Monday, cos he went to buy that afternoon already.  Phew! And Yay!!!)    

So I replied back to the group- 

Me : Ok, will ask her to buy on Monday. Thank you
Teacher : You are welcome. If you are worried, you can ask her to give me RM0.90. I’ll help her to buy  :-)
Another Parent :  Teacher can make rombongan and bring the kids to the bookstore instead of always buying for them. Then they can learn to buy by themselves.
Teacher:  : Actually, children know how to buy but they need to queue so long and have no time to take breakfast.

Awww!!!!  Super love her response!  Great teachers do exist in government schools!  She previously bought their sports t-shirts and pants on their behalf too.  Took down orders (diff colours, diff quantity) patiently one-by-one and passed on the correct items to the kids. Called me personally too, when Elyssa had a nose bleed in class. 

Elyssa with her class teacher
Photo taken during school CNY celebration, sent via whatsapp by her teacher

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Adelaide Holiday - Day 4

First destination for the day was Adelaide Central Market.

It was huge!
Fresh vege, fruits, poultry, seafood, chocolates, cheeses etc etc. 

Interesting item for Day 4 - Nutella in 3kg containers!!!
Forgot to check the price tho.

After walking around Central Market and Chinatown area, we drove to Adelaide Botanic Garden.

Such a beautiful place! We found a lovely picnic spot under a huge tree.

Our Leisurely Picnic Lunch
Weather was just perfect. Sunny but the air was cool. 

With my princesses

Family We-fie 
Pretty obvious who's the cameraman.  haha.

Treating daddy like a piece of furniture  ;-)

Girls loved running around the place

She ain't heavy, she's my sister

Super love these photos of Erin!

Just beautiful!  Girls went around looking for dried pine cones

Next stop - Adelaide Town Center.

@ Rundle Street

One of my "must-go" place - Spotlight
Bought princess dresses and wands for their upcoming birthdays.

Elyssa with Horatio, one of the bronze pigs at Rundle Street

Elyssa and I

We wanted to stop for coffee, but it started to rain so we quickly left the town center. Heard from the news later that night it was the first rainfall in 2 months! Well, not really a bad thing either cos our parking fee already came up to AUD 8.50 (RM25) for 2 hours. Gosh, parking in the city center is super duper expensive!!!

After the city center, we proceeded to Glenelg, a seaside town about 10km away.  Managed to get free parking. Whoo hooo! 
It was reaaaally cold and windy. But still much better than the heat in Harndolf the day before.

Glenelg Town


Elyssa was happy to find a hopscotch drawing on the pier
Photo taken from the edge of the pier

We searched for a dinner place and settled for Sunset Bar,facing the marina.

White wine for me, Beer for the hubs

Erin, Elyssa and I

Our dinner - 2 beef burger sets, 1 fish & chips set

Elyssa wanted a photo before we left the marina area. I think she looks so sweet here!

Took a stroll around Glenelg town then stopped by a cafe.

 Hot Chocolate and Coffee @ Bracegirdle's Cafe

We were about to leave Glenelg when we realised it would be nice to get some groceries. Used our GPS - Coles nearby?  Yes, Just a few minutes away. Yay! 
           Big one?  Yes,  Yay!
           Still Open?  Yes, about 30 minutes to closing time.  Yay!  
Just love it when everything falls right into place like that  :-)
Grabbed our groceries and headed back to our apartment. 
-- End of Day 4--