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Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Some things don't change

One of Elyssa's favourite place to sleep is on her daddy's chest.

Photo taken 2 hours ago -

Photo taken when she was about 4 months old -

Photo taken during the confinement month -

She looks sooo comfortable eh? She has always preferred to be carried upright rather than in a horizontal position.
When it comes to carrying her to sleep, she prefers daddy over mummy. Hah Hahhh... daddy more meaty mah.... ;)
(Ooops..... someone's gonna kill me! )

Monday, April 20, 2009

One-year old Photoshoot

Lining the staircase of hubby's house, there are individual one-year old photo studio shots taken of him and his siblings. I remembered looking at the photos last time and telling myself that it's a nice thing to have. In my family, we never took photos like that.

So a fews weeks before Elyssa turned one, I signed up for a professional photoshoot. Hubby and I went shopping and found a gorgeous deep purple silk/organza dress for her. I thought she looked like a little princess :)

The photos were taken exactly one week before her first birthday. Not easy to take photos of a one year baby! She was a little grumpy and not too co-operative that day. Ironic thing was when we went back to select the photos a week later, she was very, very happy indeed and was all smiles the whole time. Well, what to do...
Overall, we still managed to get some nice shots. Here are some of my favourite photos -

Cheeky Look

Another cheeky look. My favourite of the lot. I love the way her 2 little feet sticks out!

Family Photo

Happy baby without clothes and with biscuit to "mum mum"

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Birthday Celebration

Since Elyssa is too young to understand the meaning of "birthday" we did a simple celebration for her. Just dinner with two tables of immediate and close relatives in a restaurant in Klang.

Ordered quite a lot of food -
1. Nyonya style steam fish
2. Marmite prawns
3. Seafood hotplate
4. Fish Head soup
5. Pork knuckles
6. Pork Ribs
7. Braised Toufu
8. Stir fried Vege
9. Birthday Noodles
10. Birthday Cake.

Forgot to take photo of the food though ! (must remember next time)

Luckily, there were photos of the birthday girl with the cake. She drooled so much on the birthday dress that we bought specially bought for her so we had to change her into a normal dress. (must remember to save the good dress for photos next time!)

Birthday girl smiling with birthday cake

Then she reached out and tried to touch the cake. Everyone said "Nooooooo" and poor girl started crying -

" Wahhhh..... my birthday, why everyone scold me????!!!"

But luckily, all smiles again when she got to eat her cake -


Back home, she posed with some of her presents -

"WHOA, this pony can move"

"Yay, with my new backpack I can take Mrs Rabbit with me to kai-kai"

ONE year old

Elyssa is now ONE year old !!

A year ago, I set my eyes on my precious bundle of joy for the first time-

Gosh, she has grown so much since then!

About her:

1. Weight : 10.3kg
New food introduced : chocolate cake (her birthday cake) and durian.

2. She can walk up to 6 or 7 steps before she slams her body on the person she's walking to or plonks her bum bum on the floor.

3. Can climb up the sofa at my house without much effort now. But in my parents place the sofa is a little higher and she can only climb up if there's someone sitting there. (by pulling on the person's clothes and with much huffing and puffing!)

4. Her 3rd teeth is now out, and can see the 4th teeth coming up. Both on the upper gum.

5. She loves books. She'll "read" by herself by pointing to the words and then babble away. And when she wants me to read to her, she'll crawl to my lap and give me the book. If I ignore her, she'll use her hand to take my hand, then use her other hand to place the book in my hand!

6. She still doesn't like to sit in her car seat. We've just turned it to be forward facing but still the same resistance. The only sure way of keeping her in the seat is by giving her milk or biscuits to munch. (but I can't feed her all the time!) At other times, I have to keep giving her toys to play with. If I'm lucky, she can play with a toy for a few minutes. If not, it's just a matter of seconds before she throws it away. Hubby always complains that the car is like a rubbish dump cos I have to keep a big stash of toys/plastic items to keep her entertained.

7. She can identify her own milk bottle. When my mum puts her bottle and Justin ko-ko's bottle side by side, she'll take her own bottle. And surprise, surprise, when it's just Justin's bottle, she won't take it at all. I thought the little greedy girl will take it anyhow.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Online Shopping

" Wah..... this dress looks very nice".

" Can make my order online"

"Better call to confirm order"

"WHAT..... No stock????"


Monday, April 6, 2009

Fierce Baby

I bumped into my parent's neighbour over the weekend. He said hello, commented on how much Elyssa has grown and then said "your baby fierce, eh?". Hmm.... come to think of it, not too surprising since he can hear it when Elyssa screams at my parents place. Not that its often, but when she screams its like he*l has broken loose.

I don't know whether his comment made me more alert, but roughly over the next 24 hours, I got TWO more comments from others that she's fierce. One from the photographer during her photo shoot on Sunday morning. (for her 1-year-old photos. will write about it next time). A couple of times, she protested loudly when we tried to put her in a certain position.

Another comment came from some sales personnel in Carrefour. This lady was handing out sample cups of kids milk. Elyssa was sitting in the supermaket trolley when she saw the lady giving me the cup. She immediately reached out for the cup. I brought the cup to her mouth thinking that she can make a small sip, but it didn't work cos Elyssa kept trying to grab the cup. So I took a straw thinking she can suck the milk using the straw. But instead of sucking from the straw, she kept on wanting to grab the cup. She was pretty quick and within a few seconds, she managed to grab the cup. So strong that she squashed it which resulted in milk spilling all over then she started crying. The sales girls there were smiling and shaking their heads, and then one of them commented, "hou ngok hoh?" (quite fierce huh?) So, fierce comment No 3.

It's often not the "why" of her protests, but the way in which she protests. A little surprising since both hubby and I are not like that.

Thursday, April 2, 2009


These days, Elyssa likes to practise her climbing skills.

a) Up the stairs -

b) Up to Sofa

"Yup, made it!"

c) Nothing else to climb, weighing scale also can..