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Saturday, September 20, 2008

First Solids!

Started Elyssa on her first solids last week. I was initially planning to start only after her six month mark but my MIL said that she was ready. I read up and she did exhibit signs of "being ready" such as being able to sit up and hold her head unassisted, doubled her birth weight, showed interest in food etc. etc.

So off I went and bought a tin of Nestle Infant Cereal for her. Her first solids! My heart started beating really fast when I paid for the tin at the checkout counter.

Her very first tin of solids
And how did the feeding go? She just loved it! Each time the spoon went near her, she opened her mouth big and quickly swallowed the cereal. Once, when I paused between spoonfuls to talk to hubby, she cried out in protest. Really confirmed my initial suspicion that my princess is indeed a greedy little one. Hmm.... I wonder who she gets that from :)


Satisfied Look !


Julie said...

It's ok to start solid at 5 months when baby show signs of readiness. But once a day and small portion should be enough for a start.

I prefer Nestle brown rice cause it more nutrition and taste better.

shooi said...

What a smart girl! It took my boy a few weeks to get used to the cereal. It is still not his favourite. He prefer sweet potatoes & banana. Guess he has a sweet tooth.

Lybil said...

Haha, the last photo is really cute! It's good to have a greedy baby than the one refused to eat :D


Health Freak Mommy said...

My bb is still on breastmilk fully and the only side food she's taking are juices. Your bb's cute!

2xMum said...

So lucky that she accepted the Cereal! I had a hard time feeding Ryan with cereals when he first started solids. He didn't like it...