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Monday, September 29, 2008

She can Sit!

Last Friday, I tried to let Elyssa sit up unaided, and was pleasantly surprised that she didn't "flop" down when I let go...

"Look mummy..... no hands!"

Night- "Yay, I'm so happy to be sitting! "

At first, she could just sit for 2-3 minutes. She's steadier now and I think the longest so far is about 15 minutes. But I still have to be careful and place her right in the middle of the mattress, cos she'll eventually "flop" - and that can be either left, right, front or back!

She seems happy of her new achivement too. Just look at her big smile!


Julie said...

Good job, Elyssa! Mommy is so proud of your achievement too.

Lybil said...

Hahaha .. Elyssa's pictures really brighten up my day :D Look at those innocent toothless smile!


Unknown said...

wow, elyssa you're fast lar.

Unknown said...

Another milestone achieved...I can tell Mom and Dad are very proud. :)


Ciki said...

hi! nice to have met u too! Elyssa is a DOLL - so pretty! nice site:D

Health Freak Mommy said...

She looked soooo very happy and victorious! Bravo Elyssa girl!