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Thursday, September 11, 2008


"It's nice here at the Dr's place..... I wonder why mummy looks so worried"

Last night, hubby and I finally brought Elyssa for her vaccination- Dtp and Rotavirus. A bit behind schedule since it's supposed to be taken at 3-4 months and she's going to turn 5 months tommorow.

As expected, she was alright with the Rotavirus vaccination which was a milky substance taken orally. It's already the 2nd dosage, and she took the 1st dosage without much coaxing last time. I was quite surprised at her reaction with the Dtp injection though. I held on to her hands (and cringed) when the doctor took out the needle and swiftly injected her thigh. I expected her to cry, but not a sound came from her! She was smiling before the injection, stopped smiling for a while during and right after the injection, but started smiling again when I picked her up from the table. She didn't cry at all. I was so proud of my tough little baby :)


Fussy mum said...

She's a brave baby. My girl used to be like Elyssa but now she's extremely afraid of taking medicines.

2xMum said...

Wow... so brave girl!!
*Clap clap*