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Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Outgrown Clothes

Elyssa has outgrown a lot of her baby clothes. I finally got down to packing them away a few nights ago. *Sigh* before long, tears were rolling down my cheeks. I just couldn't help thinking of the times that she could fit into those teeny weeny t-shirts, and how my little princess has grown so much.
It also made me reflect on all the wishful thinking that I've done -

- I've wished she could talk when I didn't understand why she was crying
- I've wished she could play by herself when I wanted to get some chores done
- I've wished she could walk when I have to bring out her stroller for a quick meal outside
etc etc.

Then I realised that I shouldn't keep looking into the future. After all, the future will eventually come but the past, well once it's gone, it's gone. So I promised myself that I should really appreciate the precious moments of my little princess now, and not do too much wishful thinking.


2xMum said...

Ya, I felt the same as you do too!

Unknown said...

you're so right. my girl is 3 yrs plus and i'm missing her bb moments. the sad part is, i didn't get to document it all in a blog like now, and i wasn't taking care of her myself then, so i didn't see much of her, and in a way, we missed a big deal of her infant years. now, at least i have the privilege to care for my bb boy and spend more time with my 3yo. before long, she'll be going to primary school... sigh sigh SIGH. then maybe think of a 3rd kid... hahaha