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Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Army Cap

I saw Elyssa playing with her daddy's cap a few days back. I just couldn't resist putting the over-sized cap on her head and started to snap away.....

Shhhh...... I'm on a secret mission with my pacifier.

Looking coy

Come play with me

Big smile for the camera!


Unknown said...

She is adorable! Looks like she's a better eater than my Cassie. Cassie is still in her 3oz/feeding.

-Vien (

Lee said...

Hi Adel, was at Vien's place noticed your callsign.
Your Elyssa is absolutely gorgeous. Love her big eyes and beauty runs in your family, huh?

Ya, kids at this stage are better than watching TV...but they at their most beautiful when asleep.
Have fun and a great week. Keep well, Lee.

Adrine said...

Vivien & Lee - Thx for dropping by, and for the comments :)

Yeah, sometimes I can just spend a long time looking at her when she sleeps, cos she looks sooo angelic..!!! (ha hahh, and cos she's sometimes not angelic at all when she's awake)

MayChing said...

hi there, stumbled across your blog from sethy's site. elyssa is so cute! i really miss babies at that age!

Lybil said...

Awww... she is so beautiful! Look at those eyes, so alert :)


Adrine said...

Thx for the compliments :)

btw, just to avoid name confusion - "adel" is actually a nickname, which is the first 2 alphabets of my name and my baby's name ...

Julie said...

I like the last pic. She really pose for you with a big smile. She sure loves mommy taking her photos.