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Monday, September 15, 2008

5 months old

Another month has passed and Elyssa is already 5 months old.

Weight : 8.5 kg

Length : 63.5 cm

Milk Intake : S26. 6 ounces, 5 times a day, every 3 hours. Supplemented by breastmilk in the late evening and at night.

Her Developments to-date:

1. She loves to be on her stomach. Sometimes, when we put her down on the mattress, she'll immediately turn over. Not a good thing when it's during a diaper change or when she just had her milk!

2. She can move backwards when she's on her stomach. She likes to do her "mini push-ups" and each time she does that, she moves a little backwards.

3. She can turn 360 degrees, again when she's on her stomach.

4. Babbles a lot

5. Loves to grab things. And everything goes into her mouth.


2xMum said...

Happy 5 months old Elyssa!!

Leona said...

Soon Elyssa will be crawling..she is such a cutie.

Health Freak Mommy said...

Wow, she's heavy! My BB C is only 6.4kg :( and she loves to do mini push-ups too :)

Julie said...

Did her paed say she's overweight? Jonathan was 8.2kg @ 5 months and our paed always comment on his weight and ask us to increase the interval of his feedings so to decrease the no. of feedings.

Adrine said...

Hmm... I do worry that she's getting too big. I've tried lengthening the feeding interval but Elyssa cried and cried as if she's being starved.
The paed charted her height & weight and she's at the top quartile. But when I asked, he said that it's ok.

*Sigh*, but now I'm worried again. :(

Unknown said...

dun worry abt her weight lar... she looks fine. maybe heavy bone, ... or maybe her frame like daddy mummy... hehe, u guys not small size u know. my william was 7.4kg when he was 3.5mths ler... the next visit 5 mths, we will see how... i suspect already 1 bag of rice lar... but he's boy.. he's 98% on breastmilk but i dun think he drinks a lot... will ask doc if my bb is overweight.. hhmm..

Adrine said...

and we've both gone bigger since Elyssa..... at least I have child birth as a excuse. Dunno about hubby...... :)

Unknown said...

haha, your hubby's excuse would be... lemme guess... drinking all the leftover S26 milk from bb, right?