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Monday, September 1, 2008

Love Bite

I have a "love bite" on my shoulder. Not from hubby but from the little princess! I was trying to make her sleep at my MIL's house last weekend. Since there was no "sarong" and it wasn't too convenient to nurse her to sleep, I had to resort to the final way of making her sleep which was to carry her.
So I carried her over my shoulder and as usual she started gumming my shoulder. Only difference this time was that I was wearing a sleeveless top. The sleepier she got, the harder she gummed. I could really feel the strong "suction" but I was surprised when she was done. Didn't expect a baby to be able to leave such a strong mark!


Mamapumpkin said...

Wow! Those are some really strong love bites!!! :-) Can compete with a real man!!

2xMum said...

Wow!! Was surprised the little one could do that!!

Health Freak Mommy said...

Hey, my baby loves to suck my shoulders too, so I have to make sure that I dont apply lotion and powder on my shoulders. Wow, your baby sure has strong gums!!

Unknown said...

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