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Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Mooncake Festival

Had a mini mooncake festival celebration at my MIL's place last weekend.

With cousins - Chloe & Charmayne cheh-cheh

My 2 nieces had a good time playing with their paper lanterns and light sparkles. I just couldn't help thinking that by next year, little Elyssa will be able to join in the fun with her cousins. But this year, while her cousins were having a good time, this is what she was doing -

Fast asleep....!!


mom2ashley said...

ooo check out those yummy thighs!!! they're so cute at this age eh? enjoy it while it lasts:P

Fussy mum said...

oh...i love her thighs too. Feel like pinching her chubby thighs leh:)

Adrine said...

Yeah, sometimes I can't resist caressing her little "drumsticks"!! :)