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Sunday, February 27, 2011

Sunday Buffet Lunch @ Lemon Grass Cafe, Shangri-La Hotel

For lunch today, we indulged in a nice buffet lunch at Lemon Grass Cafe, Shangri La Hotel. Took advantage of a 50% discount from a credit card promotion.

Some photos taken during lunch -

Mussels and Oysters


Chocolate and Strawberry Fountain


Like father, like daughter - both concentrating hard on their food.... :)

From my plate - waffles, ice-cream and cookie, sprinkled with lots of toasted almonds and choc chips

Food selection was above average, but as with most buffets there wasn't any particular item that was spectacularly great either (for this reason, I normally prefer ala-carte). And the thing about buffet is there's this compelling "kiasu" feeling to just eat and eat to get back the money's worth! Ha hahh..

In the end, I think we did justice to the RM100 total bill considering it wasn't just for lunch. In a way, it was part breakfast (we had a very light breakfast in anticipation of gorging) and also part dinner (had a very light dinner cos we were still stuffed by dinner time)! But of course there's the guilt factor for eating so much, so I think I'll stay away from buffets for a while. :)

Oh, it wasn't all about food. There were some fun activities for kids too - balloons, a bouncy castle and sand art.

Elyssa waiting patiently for her second balloon
She's going through a phase where she's scared of clowns and mascots. But she was ok with this cos she said he's an "uncle", not a clown

Admiring the fish pond

Proudly showing off her flower balloon hat :)

Eating and playing must be a tiring affair, cos Elyssa dozed off like this after the heavy lunch!


Stacy said...

Oo fish pond looks nice.

I always walk out from buffets not feeling too good... hehe v v bad!

MeRy said...

Oh..very nice buffet meal..

Alice Law said...

Wow at the spread of dessert they offer!!! The oysters... drooling now!>_<

Anonymous said...

yeah, having buffet is just like tat..first, so tempting (drooling pulak)when we see variety of foods, but after tat nothing special...
i prefer ala carte :)

Unknown said...

The buffet meal looks good!

Bryan and Brandon's Mama said...

Elyssa really konked out. Can sleep in a half-sitting position!
P/S: Mummy, how's pregnancy coming along??

Daddy said...

Hahaha...that's the problem with buffets. Zipangu's buffet at Shangrila on weekends is great too....

Leona said...

which credit card giving such a good promotion???? Can tell ah?
I am yearning to eat a good buffet for a long time...

Adrine said...

Chi2 - I know!!! Just can't help overeating at buffets!!

MeRy - yup, nice indeed.

Alice - yeah, I love the desserts. Realised I only took photos of the desserts but not the main meals!

Luciana - yeah - the first 30 minutes or so in a buffet is fantastic but it goes a bit downhill from there.

Angeline - the food selection was certainly good.

Paik Ling - thx for asking! So far so good. baby has been good to mummy :)

Rodney - just checked that the 50% promotion is valid for Zipangu too! *sigh*, after complaining about buffets, I'm now tempted to try out Zipangu!!! (after seeing the good review & photos online)

Leona - promotion is with Amex Platinum. Very good deal!

Chinneeq said...

u guys really feast out !! Followed your posts to HCM until right till the end and it surprise me to see what a fun place that could be. No wonder my sis who just went to live there now is so happy :)

Health Freak Mommy said...

I love the buffet lunch at Lemon Grass, quite pricey but good food!