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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Holiday in Ho Chi Minh City (Day 5)

- Just a short post on our last day in HCMC as we left for the airport around 1pm -

For breakfast, I insisted I wanted beef noodles at Pho 24 again :) I thorougly enjoyed my 4th bowl of Pho 24 beef noodles for this 5 day trip. As usual, hubby said it was so-so only.

Exterior of Pho 24
We normally go to another outlet, just 2 minutes walk away from this one (this one is more cramped and warm inside)
Some of the outlets are really close to one another!

Elyssa, all ready to go "kai-kai" for the day!

As it was only half a day, we just walked over to the TAX supermarket do some last minute shopping. Ha ha..... last minute shopping can be quite dangerous cos there's the kiasu feeling of "if I don't buy now, I won't have a chance to buy again". Besides the planned purchases of coffee packs, I ended up with quite a number of embroidered bags and tissue paper covers. ;)

After shopping, we ordered coffee at one of the popular local coffee chains - Highlands Coffee. Not that great, I preferred the coffee at the other chain, Trung NguYen.

We were still pretty full, but we stopped for an early lunch at Augustin, a place recommended by the guidebook for French food. Didn't want to leave Vietnam without trying out French cuisine! This restaurant was pretty near our hotel and only re-opened that day after a long break for the Lunar New Year.

Exterior of Augustin. Nothing fancy

But interior was warm and cosy

Complimentary warm baguette rolls served with butter. On the left was a Pate dish we ordered. Can't remember the full name

Creamy Clams with White Wine soup
This tasted hea-ven-ly !!!

Pork and pasta dish (can't remember the fancy name)
This was very good too!

Family photo taken by the waitress
err.... I think hubby was still chewing something in his mouth

Lunch was approx RM60. I don't think we can get French food in M'sia at this price!
We were glad that our last meal in HCMC was a yummy one :)

Went back to the hotel for the last time, did some final packing then it was time to go the airport. Bye Bye HCMC!!

Last photo at the hotel lobby

I know I say this every time - but it felt like the 5 days just flew by. As usual, Elyssa was pretty well behaved throughout the holiday. There were of course the occasional whiny moments but most of the time, snacks like yogurt, milk and biscuits did the trick :)
And as usual, I truly enjoyed the time spent with the 2 darlings in my life!


Oliveoylz said...

What a colourful holiday you had at HCMC! When I step foot there one day, I'd probably be having PHO twice a day. I love PHO! The french food looks delish!

Mummy Gwen said...

Wonderful relaxing with lots of shopping and eating. Elyssa's outfit is very cute. :)

Stacy said...

Aiyo you people better not go for holidays TOO often. After get fat. :p

LittleLamb said...

I never tried French food while I was in HCMC. I must remember when I m there next.

I like the Pho24 place..its like our MCd, fast food. You notice, no MCd in HCMC right...

Anyway now that u r back... why not plan for the next holiday? Suggest to travel more before baby2 arrives.

cre8tone said...

Looks so yummy!

Leona said...

Next time holiday trips..will be with 3 of ur darlings!

U have a really nice pregnancy glow...

Unknown said...

Love ur trip! We'll plan a trip over there.

ChloeRuoyi said...

Nice, nice, nice! I love the way you travel... so relaxing yet can cover so many attractions, shop and eat so many goodies! :)