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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Holiday in Ho Chi Minh City (Day 4) - Bansai Cruise

For our last night in HCMC, we decided to go for a dinner cruise along the Saigon river. We asked our hotel reception and they booked the Bansai Dinner Cruise for us. It was pretty expensive - USD 33 per pax (with a USD 3 surcharge for New Year) but we thought we should still try it out.

Price includes a 2 hour cruise along the Saigon river, buffet dinner, live entertainment, one drink and a short massage.

The Bansai Boat
Supposed to be a replica of the emperor's dragon boat

Just before going up the boat
Elyssa, hubby and I with the "emperor" and his ladies

Food was so-so only (ok, it was bordering on lousy). Not much variety and not tasty either. Most of our previous meals in HCMC were easily better than what was served that night.

Luckily, we were not disappointed cos we had minimal expectations for food - our main aim was to enjoy the atmosphere of a dinner cruise!

We got a nice table on the upper deck

Cheeky Elyssa
(in her new dress no 4)

Enjoying the night scene

Now, our Main Highlight for the night :
During dinner, there was a singer performing on stage. I asked Elyssa whether she wanted to dance and she answered with a firm "yes". I led her to the middle of the dance floor and was pleasantly surprised.................. when she started dancing happily away on her own :)

Our little solo performer

Yup, there were about 10 tables arranged in a U shape on the upper deck, and my little girl was just happily dancing away in the middle. The little Miss Show Off LOVED it when everyone started clapping. Ha hah!!! And she couldn't help smiling when an elderly Japanese man came over to shake her hand at the end of the cruise.

I must admit that I felt sooooo proud of her! Growing up, I was a painfully shy kid so I just love her strong sense of confidence !!! I hope she will remain this confident when she grows up :)

Video clips of her little solo performance

There were other dances that night too -

Traditional dancing

Sexy dancing, to a Shakira tune
But of course for hubby and I, our favourite performance for the night was from our little girl :)

-End of Day 4 -


Leona said...

Did Elyssa have a little too much to drink??? :)

She looks like she is having fun!

Alice Law said...

I like the costumes, it's beautiful! LOL, such a energetic dancer, your Elyssa!

Kristie said...

Wow it looks like such a fun trip! Should plan a trip to HCM soon ;)

Elyssa is such a good dancer!!!!

cre8tone said...

Looks so enjoyable!

Mommy to Chumsy said...

awww..Elyssa is such a cutie. She's so full of confidence :)

Adrine said...

Leona - ha ha... she was like a little "mabuk" dancer cos the boat was swaying a little!! She had a good time tho!

Alice - the Shakira dance moves by the dancers were very sexy too!

Kristie - yup, it was fun indeed. I think Hanoi & Halong Bay has more to offer but HCMC is good as well.
Elyssa's dance steps are pretty limited but are quite hilarious to watch!

Prince & princess mum - it was fun!

Barbs - yeah, I wish I had a fraction of her confidence when I was younger :)

Mummy Gwen said...

Elyssa really danced with confidence. Way to go girl.

Stacy said...

Just took a look at the video (my office blocks 'em). It's too short to see much but I was already impressed with the photos! Bet the show-off genes come from Daddy. :)