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Monday, February 14, 2011

Holiday in Ho Chi Minh City (Day 4)

For Day 4 breakfast, hubby said "no more Pho 24!". Ha ha... 3 days in a row was more than enough for him. So we walked around and ended up eating - beef noodles. Well, he was happy enough that it wasn't from Pho 24 plus he insisted it was different cos he ordered the oxtail version.

The big BOWL of Oxtail Beef Noodles
This was from a cafe serving Hue cuisine which is essentially Chinese cuisine. I didn't enjoy it that much cos it tasted like noodles we can get at home, but hubby loved it cos it tasted like noodles from home. Duh!

After breakfast, it was time for shopping at Ben Thanh Market again! Bought some boxers, t-shirts and souvenir items, but the main loot was DRESSES. Yup, we went crazy -

Absolutely Lovely and Sweet Smocking Dresses.

Just look at the beautiful details!

More smocking dresses, in bigger sizes

Lots of cotton dresses!!!

The dresses were actually from 2 separate trips that day. Bought some at first, then went for lunch. During lunch, I kept thinking about the beautiful dresses and told hubby we should buy some more. Ha ha. I was finally contented after the second trip :)

Note : I'm not listing the price of dresses cos I bought extra to be given as gifts plus I'm toying with the idea of putting some up for sale. But main problem I'm facing is that I love them so much that I'm tempted to keep them all for Elyssa and baby!

After shopping, we went for lunch at Quan An Ngon, a place highly recommended by my SIL and the guidebook. The restaurant is in a big bungalow with a ring of cooks at individual stations serving a wide selection of traditional Vietnamese dishes.

It was absolutely packed when we got there, but we were lucky to get a nice table next to the indoor courtyard -

Our table at Quan An Ngon
Elyssa was fast asleep in her stroller
Some of the Cooking Stations

Food we ordered
Spicy noodles, beef & onion salad, steamed rice cakes with chicken wings, pork glutionous rice and Vietnamese pancake.

Elyssa woke up just as we were about to finish eating. She had her yoghurt plus some of our lunch, then we took some photos :)

My princess and I
She's wearing her New Dress No 3

By that time, the lunch crowd had already dispersed so it was really nice and comfortable in the restaurant. We decided to order two cups of iced coffee and just enjoy the surroundings. Aaahhh...... nice! I just love travelling on our own cos we don't get restricted by schedules of conducted tours.

After our long lunch, we mad a quick stop to the Museum of Ho Chi Minh City. Nothing much to see actually.

Saw from the guidebook that the museum is popular for couples to take wedding shots. Sure enough, there was a wedding photography session going on -

Elyssa on the same staircase. Errr..... hope she doesn't make her trademark gesture on HER wedding photography day. Ha hahh!!!

We went back to Ben Thanh market for shopping trip no 2 after the museum. Then it was time to sit down again for ice-cream at Fannys, another place recommended by the guidebook.

Our ice-cream

Interior of Fannys

Elyssa fooling around with the orchid and little hat from the ice-cream

-to be continued with Bansai Dinner Cruise at the end of Day 4. Something interesting happened during the cruise! -


Unknown said...

Hmm, my hubby loves beef noodle, guess must tell my hubby about HCMC for our next holiday *Cross Finger*

Stacy said...

Ya hor... can make money if resell the dresses. Can I pick and choose for Jo Ern? :)

MeRy said...

Very nice dresses.....

MayChing said...

you're going to have so much fun dressing up two little girls!
ps. as usual love your travel adventures:)

Health Freak Mommy said...

What a super enjoyable trip that was! And I love all those dresses you bought for Elyssa too. Are they very cheap?

Caterina said...

Nice beautiful dresses, wish I have a girl. N ur bro brought back the same tiny little hat Elyssa have on her head, during his trip there the last time

Mrs.R @ Emi said...

hi..can u pm me the price of the hubby will go to HCM end of this month.want to buy for our daughters.tq email

Mrs.R @ Emi said...

hi..can u pm me the price of the hubby will go to HCM end of this month.want to buy for our daughters.tq email