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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Chinese New Year 2011

Wayyyyy belated but better late than never ;) Blame it on my long-winded Vietnam posts!
I'm too lazy to write much, so just photos from CNY family meals -

Salmon Yee Sang @ MIL's place
This was my second round. My first round was a mini one with hubby and Elyssa. I thought it was a little silly (we were at a chinese restaurant) but hubby insisted that we needed one for our little family. Ha ha.... we got quite a lot of glances from other tables! I think it's gonna be our family tradition from now on :)

Yummy CNY eve lunch cooked by my MIL
(some dishes not in photo)

"Lou-ing" homemade Yee Sang at my parent's place during CNY eve dinner
We had steamboat dinner that night. Totally forgot to take photos

Elyssa in her cheongsam

Kids with the Ipad. I was amazed how quickly they learn!

Elyssa with her cousins, Ah Ku and her two grand aunts
BBQ dinner @ my bro's new house on CNY Day 10

Beef Steaks on the Grill

Elyssa with cousin Justin
That night, she ate 3 chicken drumsticks, 4 cocktail sausages, corn and dunno what else!


Caterina said...

Wow, lucky u got some pix there, totally too busy till forgot bout pic of the BBQ. Hey, the pic of the steak makes it look good huh. It was nice memories - all the makan session.

Anonymous said...

never too late ;)

she`s so cute with cheongsam !!!

Alice Law said...

Salmon Yee Shang and BBQ for CNY, certainly scrumptious and satisfying! Envy Envy!

Mummy Gwen said...

We also had yee sang although only the 3 of us. :) Gwen loves yee sang very much.

I totally forgot to take pic of the food we had during CNY ha.

Elyssa looked so pretty in the cheongsam.

Unknown said...

wah, yummy salmon yee sang. i love yee sangs, but hubs get jelak with too many. like your mini yee sang tradition : )

Adrine said...

Cat - Yes, it was a nice makan session. Looking forward to the next one ;)

Luciana - thx! I think that's probably going to be the first and last time for that particular cheongsam. Already a bit too tight for her.

Alice - he he.... CNY was about eating, eating and more eating :)

MummyGwen - I tot hubby was the only funny one ;) Elyssa only likes the crackers from the yee sang tho.

Irene - I'm not so keen on the yee sang itself, but I like the "lou-ing" part of it. Alwiz so loud and merry :) You can start the mini yee sang tradition next year too!

Mommy to Chumsy said...

Love her cheongsam :) I especially like the photo of her eating :D

Mummy Moon said...

She looks cute in her cheong sum. The steaks very tempting.

Lee said...

Hi Adrine, nice blog. I really enjoyed your well taken pics here.
And the CNY dinner looks fantastic.
Can see everyone had fun.
We miss having that Yee Sang this year.
Have a nice day and keep a song in your heart.

Stacy said...

Wah so much salmon in the salmon yee sang. I believe Mama's yee sang has no 'yee' at all!

Irene said...

love the salmon, minus the rest? hahahaha... yeah the lou-sang-ing is fun & merry! wah she really can eat ar, good good!