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Sunday, February 20, 2011

Funtime at JungleGym, BSC

Yesterday, we were invited to a birthday party at Jungle Gym in Bangsar Shopping Centre.

We arrived at BSC quite early so we had some snacks at O'Gourmet (read about it so many times before, but it was our first time there). Enjoyed coffee, pastries and baklava there...... really nice! Just loved the ambiance of the place!

After the lovely (but expensive!) snack, we proceeded to Jungle Gym. First time there as well and Elyssa had loads of fun.

I forgot my camera, so here are some grainy photos from my phone -

Climbing up to get to the slide area

Playing balls with the other kids

Waiting eagerly for the birthday cupcakes


MeRy said...

So fun..

Alice Law said...

Definitely a paradise for kids!^-^

Anonymous said...

I wanted to bring my girl last week, but she`s so cranky over lack of sleep..huh :(