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Wednesday, March 4, 2015


Elyssa is pretty much settled in her primary school now.  But around end of January, we had a mini "drama". Just as we were about to reach her school in the morning -

Elyssa (panicked voice)  :  Mummy, I wore the wrong shoes!
Me                : huh?
Elyssa           : I wore my Frozen shoes!!!!

I turned around and sure enough - she was all dressed up for school in her school pinafore, hair tied up neatly, white socks and PINK frozen themed CROCS styled shoes.  Aaaarghhh!

My initial reaction was to make a u-turn home.  But it was about 15 minutes before start of school, I had my nephew in my car too (won't be fair to make him late) and for some strange reason, the road was extremely congested that morning.  I knew I had no choice but to drive on to school.

Elyssa (almost in tears) :  but Mummy, how????  
Me    :   *sigh*.   It's too late to turn back now.  Be careful next time ok?

I dropped off both kids at the school gates. Elyssa was initially a little reluctant to get down, but she did in the end. I couldn't get the image out of my head - my little girl with her head held high, pulling her school bag behind her amongst the sea of other kids going through the school gates, but in her PINK shoes.  Gosh!  All I could think of was Wow, she has guts! 
I caught a glance of the 2 little prefects at the school gates. They both immediately looked at Elyssa's shoes, looked at each other but before they had time to react, Elyssa walked through already  ;-)

I contemplated driving off to work as usual.  But I felt really uneasy.  Afterall, Elyssa is in a government chinese school. Where there are stories of caning and punishments galore. And it was just the first month.

So I went home to get her shoes.  And got stuck in a horrible traffic jam.  Took me exactly 1 hour to reach her school gates again. (Grrr!)   She was delighted to see me when I went to her classroom. Quickly kicked off her pink shoes and wore her white school shoes. Surprisingly, she didn't get any reprimand for the pink shoes (yet). She said she sneaked into her classroom through the backdoor  ;-)

Phew..... what a day!!  I was of course super, super late to work that morning. Grrr!  When I told the story to one of my colleagues, his reaction  was  : "Oi, why you so silly one... next time, just put a plaster on her foot"!!!!!!   Wuahahahahahah!  It did cross my mind at the school gates that morning actually, but I thought I should't be sending her to wrong message.  hehe.    


Ai Sakura said...

My sister leaves extra pairs of shoes in the car.. I think I should do that too just in case. Lil Pumpkin is sure to have such an episode too! :P

Ai @ Sakura Haruka

Stacy said...

No choice but to do that la. How to make her walk around in pink shoes whole day.

Adrine said...

Ai - nah, I won't bother. I think this is the sort of thing that just needs to happen ONCE and then will never ever happen again. (err..but need to suffer that one time la).

Chi2 - luckily i didn't have any important meeting that morning. if not, die-die also cannot go home to retrieve the shoes!