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Monday, March 23, 2015

Adelaide Holiday - Day 2

Day 2 
Woke up to a beautiful morning! We packed our lunch, had our breakfast, got the girls ready and drove to Victor Harbour.
Nice n easy drive

When we got down from the car upon arrival at Victor Harbour, we were surpised that it was sooo cold, especially when the wind blew. Brrrrrrr!!! We were only in short sleeve t-shirt with a simple jacket each. Luckily I grabbed an extra sweater for Erin just before we left the apartment. Found a dress for Elyssa in my bag, but the vainpot didn't want to wear it over her t-shirt.  ;-)
First important stop of the day :- stock up on wine!
We've never seen a drive-tru alchohol shop before. We were very amazed. hehe.

So easy to buy alcohol, esp when buying in cartons. No need to worry about parking and can load straight to car boot.

Girls spotted a sandy playground and requested for playground time. 
Sure! Since this is a free n easy family holiday. Plus I like the girls to stock up on "happy hormones" early in the morning.
 (ok, ok, I have an ulterior motive too. Cos if we look at stuff we prefer later, I can tell them they had "their" fun time already.)

Beautiful Victor Harbour

Plenty of Seagulls
Walking accross the causeway to Granite Island
Absolutely gorgeous!

The causeway is only 630 meters. 2 options available - just walk across (free) or take a horse drawn tram (AUD 19 one way for family tics of 2A,2C).  We had to wait another half an hour or so for the next  tram, so we just walked.

Spotted the tram halfway

Arrived at Granite Island

Causeway pic, taken from Granite Island

Took a walk on the "Kaiki Walk", which is a trail around the perimeter of Granite Island.

So windy!

Just look at how clear the water is

After finishing the walk, we ate our packed lunch then walked back to Victor Harbour.

Such a beautiful place, so we spent a bit more time here


Next stop - Port Elliot.  Wanted to go to the Horseshoe Bay but both girls were fast asleep in their carseats so we just took some photos and proceeded to our next destination - Goolwa.

Chanced upon this lovely morning market

Just look at this huge Pelican!

Stopped by at a small cafe for afternoon tea.
Mocha for hubby, Chai latte for me, Ice-cream for the girls :-)

Spotted the Cockle Train from cafe window

Headed back after tea.

Just had to take photo of this mini standalone building!

Went back to Normanville Beach for the activity we promised the girls - sandcastle building time!
Happy Girls with their Sandcastles

I love you too, Elyssa!

Love, love, love this beach


Headed back to our apartment just before sunset. 

Spotted kangaroos when we entered the carpark area

When we got back, the girls had a nice warm bubble bath for in the giant bathtub (so they don't bug us!) while we prepared dinner.

Ta daaaa........ dinner is served!

After dinner, we started washing plates then realised we should use the dishwasher (duh!)  Wheee.....such a nice thing to have! Then we decided to use the washing machine and dryer too. hehe.
While the girls watched some tv, we enjoyed our wine and strawberries on the outdoor patio.  :-)
Then time to Zzzzzzz.
--End of Day 2-- 



Ai Sakura said...

Wow I really love the open blue skies and markets in Australia!

Small Kucing said...

What a lovely trip. and this is second day only. Look forward to the next day

Stacy said...

Having food at cafes is always nice. Last time I too 'kiamsiap' to do that much haha.

Adrine said...

Ai - yes, i loved the clear blue skies too!

Kathy - i'm slowly updating it. Just completed up to Day 4 :-)

Chi2 - We cooked most of our meals actually.

Unknown said...

Love love the blue blue skies there. I think so long on holiday, sure extra boost on happy hormones... hehe!