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Monday, March 23, 2015

Adelaide Holiday - Day 1

Just got back from our week-long holiday in Adelaide. Whooo hoooo!!!  Our second time in Australia. When we went to Perth about 2 years back, it was without Erin (our one and only holiday without Erin). A holiday is definitely more complete with all 4 of us  :-) 

Day 0 / 1
I didn't want Elyssa to miss school, so we took the night flight on MAS - departed 10.30pm on Friday night and arrived next morning in Adelaide around 8.30am. (2.5 hour time difference)

Note to self : Don't ever take a night flight unless there's really no choice! The flight was 7 hours+, with supper served shortly after take-off and light breakfast served shortly before descent. Couple that with taking the girls to the toilet, getting them comfortable, trying to get ourselves comfotable bla bla bla, we hardly got any sleep. Hubby was ok (he can get by without enough sleep for a few days, just like a camel with water. heh) but I'm the type that needs 7 hours of sleep a day, so I was very much zombified.  Aiks. 

We collected our pre-booked rented car from Hertz, and we were off for our holiday!!  (tho I was half asleep with a heavy head..) 

Our first meal in Adelaide 
First meal is always the toughest. Cos we can't help but convert so everything seems so horribly expensive. Elyssa was also really grumpy during the meal. Sigh. Can't blame her cos she was really tired like me. 

Bought some groceries at Coles then started the scenic drive to the apartment we booked for the week. 

Made a quick stop at Christie's beach 

Route was pretty scenic but I dozed off now and then.  So no photos. 

First time we drove ON the beach 
The beach was wide and the sand was really compact! 

Our apartment was at Links Lady Bay Resort, in a small town called Normanville, about an hour away from Adelaide town. I perked up immediately when we checked in. 

Living Room


Jacuzzi bathtub in the bathroom. Whoo hoo!! 

There was a washing machine and dryer in the bathroom too 

Fully equipped kitchen
Kitchen came complete with pots, plates, cups,wine glasses, detergent and even a dishwasher. 

Super loved the apartment! We booked it under our Marriott Vacation club program. Used the Interval point exchange system so our 7-night stay was almost equivalent to a typical 2 night stay under the program.

We all took a long afternoon nap shortly after check in :-)  Woke up all refreshed and energized. Wheeee!!!

Went to the nearby Normanville beach -

@ Normanville beach 
Really love this beach!  Quiet but not deserted. Juuuust nice.  

 Trying to jump for the camera.  Failed. hehe.

Isn't it absolutely lovely???

Hubby on the beach 

Walking back to the car. Even this part is so beautiful

Went to buy grab more groceries at the nearby Foodlands supermarket.  Cooked a simple meal with ham and sausages, relaxed with tv and then Zzzzzzz.....

- End of Day 1- 


kcantares said...

Welcome again to Australia!!


Adrine said...

Tq! So nice to see your name here again :-)

Unknown said...

We had an almost similar holiday, but in Perth. Picked up car, check into apartment, go to beach... I love the beaches there... notice the sand ain't as white and fine as Perth's though... will be catching up on blogging soon.