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Monday, March 30, 2015

Adelaide Holiday - Day 5 (Part 1)

Good morning Day 5!
We start every morning almost the same way....

Fried Bacon and Eggs.  Smells soooo good !

First destination for Day 4 is Hahndorf Farm Barn

It was off-peak season, so it was just us and another family at the farm that day.

Erin listening to milking instructions 
When it comes to animals, Erin is a lot braver than her jie jie (who needs more time to warm up).  She quickly raised up her hands when asked "who wants to milk the cow?"

Press.... Press

Elyssa wanted to try too, after seeing Erin 

Daisy the cow that was milked, oblivious to all the pressing and pulling ;-) 

Next..... rabbit enclosure 

Erin couldn't wait to cuddle them

What a Cutie!
(referring to the rabbit, not the hubs. hehe)

Daddy.... my turn! 

Elyssa feeding the lambs 

"Come, come little lamb" 

Then we went outside the barn area.  Saw this huge pig.

I'm all clean now! Just had a refreshing mud bath 
We had to quickly move away from the pig pen when the pig vigorously shook it's body, spraying mud everywhere.  :-)   

Then we went to the deer / ducks/ goats enclosure -

Hungry Deer!  Or greedy deer? 

Erin wasn't scared ! 

"Come deer.... I'll give you a carrot treat"

I gave this deer a piece of carrot too. After gobbling it down, the deer tried to chew my t-shirt!

Next.... kangaroos.

"Daddy, daddy, give me more food to feed the kangaroos!"
The funny thing was we went to the kangaroo enclosure via the deer/ducks/goats enclosure. (the small gate next to Erin). When we tried to get back to the first enclosure, the goat escaped to the kangaroo enclosure and the kangaroo was trying to get to the first enclosure! We looked around but there was no farmhand in sight. Err how?? Don't think we were supposed to mix the animals up!
 So we spent some time "hearding" the animals to their rightful place. I couldn't help laughing looking at hubby trying to push the goat back to it's rightful place. 

Erin on a tractor 

Hubby feeding a goat 

With a friendly horse 

"Here's some food, horsie" 

Erin trying to feed another horse

Part of the farm 

There were camels too! 

When Erin saw this, she straightaway exclaimed "Mummy, it's a girl!"  I was surprised and asked her why. Her response : "Because she's wearing an EARRING!".  Wuahahaha. 

Look at the horns! 

Jersey Cow and more Sheep 

Erin went on with daddy to see the donkeys after that (had to go via the deer enclosure). Elyssa wasn't so keen so I stayed outside with her.  Hubby said Erin wasn't scared at all. Uhm...somehow that same brown goat followed them to the donkey place. Maybe it had to option to roam everywhere?.  Either that or hubby just gave up trying to push the goat around. haha. 

With the goat nicknamed "The Friendly Brown Goat".  -pic taken earlier
Before Erin left, she even hugged the goat, kissed it (aiks!) and said, "Goodbye!!!  I love you friendly brown goat!" 

We left the farm after that. Will continue about Day 5 in another post.

--End of Day 5 (part 1) --


Merryn said...

The kids are so lucky to be able to experience milking a cow. I don't know if my boys will dare to do that or not. Haha.

Stacy said...

I assume weather was nice and cool?

Unknown said...

The farm animals here look so friendly and harmless. It's always nice to feed hungry and greedy animals unlike the overfed and lazy kangaroos we met on Day 3

Btw, the name of the apartment is Home Away from Home, something like that. Host name is Jonathan.

Adrine said...

Merryn - saw from your blog that Ethan also had a "milking session" :-)

Chi2 - a bit cooler would have been nicer! From the photos, you can see the girls were wearing an outer sweater/jacket at first but were in t-shirts after that .

Irene - you must be referring to Caversham? Caversham has lots of tourists and kangaroo food is free, so ppl just keep feeding them! Thx..will check out the apartment.

kcantares said...

That's quite a variety of animals there! =)

Ai Sakura said...

So nice to see them interacting so unafraid with the animals!