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Friday, March 27, 2015

Group Whatsapp - Elyssa's Std 1 class

Part of today’s Group Whatsapp message created by Elyssa's class teacher -

Teacher :  (after listing out daily homework) Bring new artbook on Monday
Me (panic) : Is the bookshop open tomorrow? If not open, can I buy artbook from outside?
Teacher : I prefer all children use the same book.  You can ask her to buy on Monday.

    (Oops! Today is Friday and I don’t know if Elyssa knows how to buy things from the bookshop. The teacher mentioned about artbook earlier that week, but I forgot all about it.
      Few minutes later, Elyssa’s classmate’s mum (they were from same kindy) whatsapp me that her son can bring Elyssa to buy on Monday, cos he went to buy that afternoon already.  Phew! And Yay!!!)    

So I replied back to the group- 

Me : Ok, will ask her to buy on Monday. Thank you
Teacher : You are welcome. If you are worried, you can ask her to give me RM0.90. I’ll help her to buy  :-)
Another Parent :  Teacher can make rombongan and bring the kids to the bookstore instead of always buying for them. Then they can learn to buy by themselves.
Teacher:  : Actually, children know how to buy but they need to queue so long and have no time to take breakfast.

Awww!!!!  Super love her response!  Great teachers do exist in government schools!  She previously bought their sports t-shirts and pants on their behalf too.  Took down orders (diff colours, diff quantity) patiently one-by-one and passed on the correct items to the kids. Called me personally too, when Elyssa had a nose bleed in class. 

Elyssa with her class teacher
Photo taken during school CNY celebration, sent via whatsapp by her teacher


Small Kucing said...

her class teacher very good. first day of school already see the teacher very active and friendly

Unknown said...

Young and still passionate! Rare breed indeed.

Some are old and jaded. Some are old and wise. Some are young and immature.

Please bake something for teacher? Haha.

Adrine said...

Kathy - Yes, i'm so grateful!

Irene - When I told my friends about her during CNY, their response was "sure must be young teacher!"
Well, I do hope she'll remain this passionate for years to come.
And I already her my home-baked cookies for CNY. :-)

Health Freak Mommy said...

Wah, Elyssa's class teacher is so young, pretty and sporting!