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Thursday, March 12, 2015

Christmas Party - 2014

Already coming to end of March.  Good time to write about uhm.... last year's Christmas party  ;-)
Talk about slow updates! haha. Well, this was about 95% done in my draft post, so might as well finish it up and post.


We had a fab Christmas party on December 27th!  Hosted by one of our neighbours who's a fantastic party planner.

Names for Christmas Stalls

Before Stall Opening

See...... not open yet.  Come back at 8.15pm

But before the games begin, let's EAT first.  It was a potluck party and there was sooo much good food.  Chicken pies, kompia, lamb stew, mutton curry, spaghetti, sambal petai etc etc.  Yumz!!!

I made these 2 desserts for the party- Christmas log

Christmas Cupcakes

After eating and eating, it was time for the games.
Each kid was given $50 (printed on pretty Santa "notes") to spend at the stalls.

Stall Time
Most popular stall was the manicure stall.  Most of the girls made a beeline to that one!
I manned the tattoo stall.
Seen here with one of my "customers" sitting on my lap.  Aiyo....this customer no good one.  When I asked her for money, she just gave me a smile and said "mummy".  Must do tatto for her, then pay for her give free lap service somemore! 

"Santa Claus" made an appearance later that night

Erin with Santa Claus

Elyssa with Santa Claus

A memorable Christmas party indeed.

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