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Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Adelaide Holiday - Day 3

Day 3 

Koala and Kangaroo Day!! First destination of the day was Cleland Wildlife Park. 

First time seeing a mobile set of traffic lights
(the day before, it was the first time we saw a drive-tru liquor shop! Just joting down experiences. Don't laugh, don't judge. hehe) 

Since our apartment was down south and Cleland was up north, the drive was a rather long one.  But hey, all worth it to see this little cutie..


Koala Petting time 

Koalas with their handlers
Carried just like babies. So cute! 

See....this one wanted to be carried!

Well, turned out I was the one who was most excited to see the koalas actually ;-)  The girls were more interested in animals they can feed!

Erin feeding a Potoroo
A potoroo is a kangaroo-like marsupial about the size of a rabbit.Somehow reminds me of a giant rat tho. ;-)   She happily ran along the path looking for this 

Saw some birds.

They squealed in delight when they a baby kangaroo. Took quite a while to convince this little fella to eat.

The first kangaroo 

Then we went to another area and saw lots and lots of em! Hungry ones too.

Happily feeding kangaroos

See..... really greedy. They started going for the food packet too

We spent quite some time feeding the kangaroos. And then it was time to feed ourselves.. Found a picnic table to eat our packed lunch. 

In our lunch bag that day, we had sandwiches (toasted bread with fried bacon, egg, lettuce), fruits (strawberries& grapes), biscuits and crisps. 

After lunch, we went to see the Tasmanian Devil feeding/talk session.

We left Cleland Wildlife Park after that. (btw, admission fee was AUD 50 for all of us)

Next stop was the nearby Mount Lofty summit.

View from summit. 

Then we went to Hahndorf, which is the oldest surviving German village in Australia.  This time, hubby was really excited cos this was one of his top "must-see" for this trip.

He loved all these "quaint" stuff-

Old style wagon 

Stand alone ice cream shop 

Pretty flowers by the sidewalk 

Interesting Shop Display  

Cookoo clocks 

But after a while, the excitement level slowly went down. Cos it was just terribly hot. Sun was scorching hot and there was hardly any breeze.

(such a vast difference from Victor Harbour the previous day, when it was unexpectedly c-o-l-d! For Day 3, we were all prepared with extra sweaters, scarves and blankets. The heat was definitely an unwelcomed surprise. Grrr!)

Hot, HOT day

Well, someone was happy cos we bought ice-cream to cool down :-) 

Went back to our car. Somehow, the town seemed nice again when we were in the comfortable air conditioned car ;-)

When we got back to our apartment, Elyssa and Erin enjoyed a long playground session. After they were done and I brought them back to our unit, I was all ready to start preparing dinner but hubby (I thought he was going to take a nap) was already frying sausages and burger patties.  Whoooo hooooo!!   What is it about Australia that makes him want to cook?  He was like that when were in Perth too. At home, he hardly ever lifts a finger in the kitchen.  ;-)  Decided to enjoy it while it lasts.  haha.

Dinner of Day 3
Beef burger, sausages, eggs, soup and salad. Plus wine for us and orange juice for the girls. 

-End of Day 3-

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