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Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Elyssa's Fifth Birthday Celebration (School)

After the birthday celebration at home, Elyssa had round #2 with her friends in kindy.
Still reeling from my almost-disaster cake of the previous day, I asked Elyssa what cake she wanted for kindy. In my head, I was already planning to bake a normal square cake and then decorate with a simple store-bought printable icing.
But her response was :  "Mummy, I want the same castle cake please! The same pink. The same flags. The same smarties. The same ice-cream cone. Everything the same ok? I love my cake. Can mummy??"
How to say no to that? I loved it that she didn't look of the negatives (the uneven icing, the lopsided cake etc etc ) but only the positives. Whoo hooo...... a great way to look at life!
Cake # 1 for home celebration
 Cake #2 for kindy celebration
Still long way to go but at least got improvement!
I added her plastic tiara since I couldn't find the "Happy Birthday" sign.  
Loaded party packs in car. All ready for the celebration.
Blowing her FIVE candles after the birthday song
Took some group photos with all her classmates but not going to post them here ;-)
Distributing cakes to her classmates
Photo with mummy
 Teacher suggested - let her wear her tiara!
So, birthday girl became birthday princess :)
(side note :  photo angle very important hor? I look much slimmer in the 1st photo. he he)  
It was just a short celebration in kindy, but yup, she was very, very happy.
Happy girl = happy mummy.
Oh yeah, before the celebration at kindy and at home, we also brought her out for dinner on her actual birthday. (she had a kindy field trip on that day, so I had to defer her kindy celebration. But I contacted the teacher beforehand and her classmates sang a birthday song for her)
With her birthday cake in Italiannies 

"Elyssa, oh Elyssa..... you are five years old already!! You still wail in exactly the same way like when you were 2 years old. (chin up, eyes closed,mouth open for a few seconds without any sound). You still show your angry face even when we tell you it's not nice. You still pester us with "why?  "where are we going", what did you say?" questions when we are in the midst of something. You still have problems sharing toys with your little sister. 
But you know what? You are sometimes the sweetest little angel. You warm our hearts and you make us laugh. You amaze us with new things now and then. And when you give us hugs and kisses, our world still stops for just that moment. We love you very, very much.
Happy Birthday Princess Elyssa. You will always be mummy and daddy's princess. "


ChloeRuoyi said...

Elyssa is so blessed... Multiple celebrations plus so many cakes on her big day. Wow! :)

Ai Sakura said...

It sure makes your heart sing when the kids say they like the food you make, even if you aren't so sure about it yourself :)

Ai @ Sakura Haruka

Mommy to Chumsy said...

aww...the birthday cakes were made with love. I will be the happiest girl if my were to bake me a cake to celebrate with my friends :D I love how you decorated the cake Adrine. Very creative :)