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Sunday, April 14, 2013

Elyssa's Fifth Birthday Celebration

Elyssa is now FIVE!
We had a birthday celebration for her last night with close family members.
Some photos :
Birthday Banner and Balloons 
More Balloons
Note to self : buy a balloon pump!  
Since I'm still limping with my fractured toe, I just did 3 items - her birthday cake, chicken nuggets and vegetables. We mainly ordered from a nearby Chinese restaruant - salted egg yolk prawns, kung pao chicken, "chee keok chow", sweet sour pork, claypot taufu and fried  bee hoon. BIL & SIL brought (and cooked!) the BBQ items - chicken wings, pork slices, prawns, pork ribs and beef steak.
 BIL at the BBQ
He did a fantastic job. I think we're gonna name him our official BBQ chef. :-)
Throughout dinner, Elyssa kept pestering me "Is it time to cut the cake yet?"  "Is it time to cut the cake yet?".  She "helped" (notice the inverterd commas!)  make and decorate the cake, so she was really excited.
Talking about the cake, it was another near disaster. Some miscalculation, some wrong steps and I ended up with low AND uneven cakes. Nearly ran out to the nearby bakery to buy a replacement. Thankfully, my 3 packs of Smarties and other deco helped to make it presentable enough to be brought out that night. And Elyssa clapped in happiness and said she loved her cake after I put in the finishing touches. 
Main client happy = me happy.  :-)
Daddy lighting candles of her Pink Castle Cake

Birthday Song Time

The 4 of us

Inside View of Cake
Happy 5th Birthday, my dear Elyssa!


LittleLamb said...

Happy Happy Birthday Elyssa.

Unknown said...

Happy Birthday Elyssa.

I can't sleep, guess this afternoon I took a very long nap with my children.

what happen to your toes? Take care my friend.

Miracles in my life said...

Happy birthday elyssa!! Growing to be a beautiful young lady! I'm sure she will like the cake no matter how it looked cause mommy made with love!

Is your grill indoor?

MeRy said...

Happy Birthday girl.....
Nice cake.

Ai Sakura said...

So beautiful! Happy belated birthday Elyssa!

My lil girl wants a Pink Castle party so I'm cracking my head on how to create a "pink castle" cake for her too ;p

Ai @ Sakura Haruka

Health Freak Mommy said...

Happy bday Princess Elyssa! Hope you'll get to stay in a real castle one day :) What flavor is the cake? It looks very smooth inside and looks very tempting to me!!

Adrine said...

Rachel - thx!

Angeline - haiyo..freak accident in Bali. Heavy object fell on my toe :(

Melissa - no, the grill is outdoor, at the side patio. I moved my dining table outside :)

MeRy - thx.

Ai - you can make one for her too :)

Shireen - thx. It's a simple vanilla cake, with a little bit of choc.