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Sunday, April 21, 2013

Bali Holiday - Day 4

 --continuation of Bali holiday --

Started Day 4 with some "ME" time...... at the SPA. .  Yayyyy!!!! 
After a quick breakfast, I kissed the 3 Chongs goodbye and then had to practically stop myself from skipping and singing as I took the shuttle van to the spa :-)

At the Spa Reception

I booked a session at the Aquotonic Pool. Heard good reviews about it and it's the cheapest item on the spa menu anyway ;-)  Even then, it's USD55 excluding tax for a 2 hour session.

At the Aquotonic Pool
Normally no photos allowed. But since it was still early with no other customers, they allowed me to take a few photos.

Another View
Looks like just a normal swimming pool but it's not. Basically, I was guided through a circuit around the pool by a spa personnel. It started with swimming against current for a short distance, then stepping on reflexology stones then going through a series of about 60+  jet stream "stations" for each part of the body.  Super Syiok!! 

Changing Room at the Spa
After the spa session, we had a quick pre-lunch in the hotel room. And then it was time to check out of Ayana Resort &Spa.
My overall verdict on Ayana : It is of course a beautiful place (fully expected for the price) BUT:
(i) it s a HUGE resort. so it doesn't quite have the "personalised feel" like other villas in Bali.
(ii) everything is available, but just for a price. I wasn't too pleased then even wi-fi was chargeable. We didn't even get newspapers in the room. Saw the room next to ours had it, but maybe that was an extra chargeable item too! 
Having said that, the Rock Bar and Infinity Pool was absolutely amazing.
Our next destination was Kamandalu Resort & Spa in Ubud. And that definitely didn't dissapoint at all !!! 
Our late lunch at Kalamandu
We had Balinesed Mixed Rice, Pizza (not in pic) and Satay.
Will continue about Kalamandu in my next post.

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