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Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Bali Holiday - Day 3

Our hotel package didn't include breakfast, but no fret...we brought along a truckload of food! 

Day Bed at our balcony became our breakfast place

 Mum Mumm 
Elyssa can lie down and eat somemore. He he. 

 After breakfast, we decided to explore the hotel grounds.

Beautiful Blue Sea
Just 3 of us because Elyssa refused to be in the photo

See? She refused to look at the camera

Oh what the heck, let me include a photo of all 4 of us

 Wedding Chapel
Wow, imagine having a wedding here!!!  So nice! 
There was a wedding reception for a Japanese couple the day before.

 Continued exploring hotel grounds after that

One of the Swimming Pools

At the bathroom sink near the swimming pool
Ok, I know it's a minor detail, but I like the proper hand towels instead of paper :-)

 Water feature @ the kids pool

Then we let the kids play in the kids room for a while. Can actually leave them to play there under baby sitter's supervision for Rp5,500 (approx RM18) per kid per hour. But we didn't use this service.

"Preparing lunch" in the kids room

 Hubs resting while the girls "prepared lunch"

Then we lazed around in this nice little cabana. Had our Oreos and Milo cereal balls there.   :-)

From the cabana, I walked down a few flight of steps and saw this.........

Isn't the pool & the view absolutely amazing???  
But no kids below 12 allowed. There and then we decided - we are gonna dump the kids with the baby sitter that evening!!!!! 

Part 2 of Day 3 to be continued in next post :-)


Unknown said...

You wore a very nice blue dress Adrine.

Must be pricey this hotel. Well, you really enjoy and utilized most of your times around the hotel.

The fun part while I'm reading... You really leave Elyssa and Erin at the babysitter there ar? Safe or not...

MeRy said...

For Rp 5500 is less than cheap for baby sitting service.
Very nice pictures.

Adrine said...

MeRy - Oops, then it should have been Rp55,000. The numbers in RP very confusing!

Stacy said...

The 'beautiful blue sea' photo is amazing!!

Why kids not allowed.. oh wait coz will disturb other people's peace. :)

Unknown said...

I had this thought about how amazing the view of the blue sea was, at the same time how dangerous it was with kids, until I read that kids were not allowed! Good thing that! Like the cabana lazing around. Hahaha... Looks quiet, boh Lang there?

ChloeRuoyi said...

Love your last pic. I don't remember the sea being this blue and wonder I was not captivated haha! Maybe I can reconsider a second visit there someday... And I want to stay in this hotel :)

Health Freak Mommy said...

That was truly an OMG view!!! I want to go there in Dec!!!

Mommy to Chumsy said...

oh man....this place is beautiful. makes me wanna book Bali for our next destination. it's so funny that Elyssa doesn't want to take any photos :D

Oliveoylz said...

The wedding chapel is so nice! What a breathtaking view of the beach from in look so happy and carefree. After looking at your last pic, I've really got to seriously consider going to Bali! I want to breathe in the air from the same hotel u stayed.