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Friday, April 5, 2013

Bali Holiday Day 3 (Part 3)

--One small part left for Day 3 --

After our 3 hour freedom at the Infinity Pool and Rock Bar, we brought the girls out for late dinner at the hotel's Italian Restaurant. (yeah, that's the guilty part talking).

Complimentary bread basket

Pizza and Roast Chicken

Short story to share:
While waiting for our food, I noticed a very attractive lady (but I only saw the side profile) walking to the table of about 8pax next to ours. They did the typical kissy-kissy huggy-huggy greetings. A young girl quipped "Hello Auntie Tyra!". After some pleasantries the lady said "Oh no.....Auntie Tyra is sooo late. Need to go now" and rushed off. As she walked out, hubby walked in. He didn't hear the earlier conversation but the moment he sat down he said "Wow, that lady sure looks like Tyra Banks". And of course I said - hey, they just called her Tyra!

Whooo hooo..... so were in the same restaurant as Tyra Banks!  (the next morning, my kaypoh hubby asked the hotel receptionist whether it was her. They said they cannot confirm but it was pretty obvious from their facial expressions.  he he)

Anyway, back to dinner-

2 very good singers. They performed 2-3 songs for each table.
Dunno why Elyssa is super shy these days. She didn't even dare to look at them! 
Big, big difference from our Vietnam trip where she confidently danced in front of everyone. *sigh*
Bribe, uhmm I mean Reward for behaving so well with the babysitter :-) 
After dinner, we took a leisurely stroll back to the hotel room and then Zzzzzz

--End of Day 3--


Caterina said...

btw, it's tyra... not Tara... n elyssa is even shy with me now - when i fetch her from school n teacher was asking who am i. not a single word from her but... but... but the moment we got into the car she start talking. i was like, "hmm... why didn't u talk just now" (at least it didn't look like i kidnap you from school)

Adrine said...

Cat - That's exactly what Johnny told me yesterday. He he...blur me didn't even realise. Corrected already ..thx.

Ya lor..most of the the time she talks TOO much. But sometimes, she just refuses to open her her mouth at all.

Stacy said...

Funny she can be shy now. She's been anything BUT all these while!