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Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Paris Day 6 - Disneyland again!

Good Morning Day 6!  We are going to Disneyland again today. 

Breakfast first 

Loves it when he steps into the kitchen!
Only happens during holidays.  hehe

Just love this view from my room  

So beautiful! 

Duck and Swan feeding while waiting for the shuttle bus to Disneyland

Uhm.... didn't expect the swans to COME OUT from the lake. We got scared! 

Ok, found a better feeding spot
Swans couldn't climb up to the platform area ;-) 

Headed to Walt Disney Studios
There are 2 parks in Disneyland Paris - Disneyland Park and Walk Disney Studios Park.  

Our first stop was some studio animation thing. Not so interesting actually.  But when the show ended, we walked out and found our first character in Disneyland - Mickey!

Getting a hug from Mickey 
The queue wasn't so long so we thought it would be quite fast.  Surprised it took almost one hour! Unlike Hong Kong Disneyland where it's more like "snap photo, next.. snap photo, next..." the characters spend a little bit more time with each person. And it's a norm for autograph signing. Hubby went to buy an autograph book while we were in the queue. 

Big Hug! 

Mickey's signature :-) 
No automatic alt text available.

We went on a couple more rides. Then spotted another character.... Pluto!

Pluto signing the girl's autograph book 
Why is Erin looking so sad?  Cos she saw Pluto playfully snatch the hat of a little girl before putting on his own head. She wanted Pluto to take her hat too but was too shy to ask. 

So I asked Erin : "You want Pluto to wear your hat?"  Pluto heard and happily obliged! He knelt down so Erin could place the hat herself.

 Loaning her hat to Pluto
Just look at that smile of hers!!!  She was sooo happy! 

Big Hug from Pluto
And just like that....... Pluto became one of her favourite characters! 
I love it how an extra few minutes spent made a moment truly MAGICAL for a little girl. 

Family photo with Pluto
Such a cheeky Pluto!!! :-)

High 5 with Pluto
Erin was grinning and happily skipping after meeting Pluto! 

With Rex the Dinosaur from Toy Story

Toy Soldier from Toy Story

Toy Soldier Parachute Ride 


Ready to fly.  Haha 

Caught one of the Christmas Shows 

Another family photo 

Mickey Playhouse
One of our favourite shows! Some 4D effects too.  Like "wind" and "leaves" streaming down during the segment where audience was asked to blow to help bring down Pooh's kite from the tree.  Also colourful streamers at the end. 

Among the rides we went for that day was a roller coaster ride.  What did I learn?  Confirm I hate roller coaster rides!!!  Why oh why should I subject myself to fear like that?????? 

Christmas Show at Walt Disney Studios
OMG... it was fantastic!!  Stage show accompanied with amazing laser lights at the backdrop and fireworks at the end. Hands down the BEST show of our 3 day Disneyland adventure. 

I can just close my eyes now and imagine myself there again ... the cold air, the magical feeling, the Christmassy happiness and also pure gratitude of being able to go for a holiday like this. The so happy until there were tears in the eyes type of happy.  

After the show, we walked over to Disneyland Park to catch the fireworks finale show at Sleeping Beauty castle. 

Night Scene at the Disneyland Park entrance 

Fireworks Display at Disneyland Park

Such a beautiful magical day!  We took the hotel shuttle back, had a simple late dinner and then Zzzzzz..

--End of Day 6 --


Ai Sakura said...

Awww nice... the swans look almost as big as the girls haha!
Are most of the things in French at Disneyland? Like show language etc.
I hope to go one day!

Merry Christmas!

Adrine said...

It's usually dual language so not much of an issue. I recall only 2 shows had English or French only options so we just waited for the English sessions.